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by on December 18, 2018



Ayke: What informed your choice of music production as a life career?

Dj Tseva: I can say music runs in my blood as its also life. Hence I started my musical career at a young age, I see future in music and I want to pass it to the next generation.


Ayke: There are a lot of music producers around these days, what made you think that you were still going to be successful in this field?

Dj Tseva: I reckon that the style of my music is different from others and I feel my music is original.


Ayke: What informed you business logo and name?

Dj Tseva: The name comes from my childhood when I was starting to introduce myself in the industry as for the logo it took me time to find a suitable logo that will match my name.


Ayke: How did you build musical production contacts and who was your first client?

Dj Tseva: I used twitter, facebook and other digital platforms like soundcloud to build a strong fan base and my client was Slang-G whereby we collaborated on my production.


Ayke: Who was that outstanding act that you produced for ?

Dj Tseva: Slang-G's "STREET OF SOWETO" it's still the top production on my music playlist.


Ayke: Do you normally help in promoting an artist after you produced a record for him/her?

Dj Tseva: (LOL) Yes I help promote the artist in different ways even thou its hard as an independent artist in terms of financial. 


Ayke: How did you first connect with the very big musical star you produced for

Dj Tseva: On social media and we started sharing each others ideas


Ayke: Is it always ideal to be a Dj before you got into sound production or did you just start producing music?

Dj Tseva: Yes (DJ) it is very important for basics (e.g to learn things like: TEMPO, MIXING, DIFFERENT GENRES). 


Ayke: Do you work solely as a producer or do you allow other producers to assist you when you are busy with a project ?

Dj Tseva: ha ha ha. Yes I do work solely but I sometimes ask for assistance in some projects from other producers I know but it all depends on the type of style sound I wana project. 


Ayke: Do you play any musical instrument?

NO. I do programming using a lot of DAW plugins.


Ayke: Do you have any Publishing, T.V/Film relationships that helps you to take your completed musical products and artist into newer frontiers? 

Dj Tseva: No I don't...


Ayke: As a music producer, is it important for you to advertise your production label or is it not necessary?.

Dj Tseva: It is very necessary, and thanks to gadgets and technology that makes it simple to share the music with the world instantly.


Ayke: How do you navigate the problem of getting your sounds played in most radio stations?

Dj Tseva: It's the great challenge that most producers face every day because of high number of submission in radio stations and kickbacks that music library managers wants before they activate ones sounds in their stations.




Ayke: Maintaining a successful career takes a lot of work and commitment, how much time do you dedicate towards making sure your career got to this level?

Dj Tseva: I spend most of my time in the studio and studying further on how to put my music out there and keeping the best quality of music production.


Ayke: How hard was it for you to gain stability and start excelling in this music production career?

Dj Tseva: I had to leave everything behind and focus on my music career as I spend most my time producing. That enhanced my knowhow in the music production business.


Ayke: Have you ever thought of releasing a solo album?

Dj Tseva: Yes, I have thought of it, in fact I'm busy with it right now, of which it will be out soon. lol!


Ayke: If you were to do a solo album project, who is that musical producer you will allow to handle your album?



Ayke: What genre of music production do you excel in?



Ayke: What is distinctive about your production?

Dj Tseva: Bassline and melody. that's my secret punch line on every track I produce.


Ayke:  Is there any latest sound from you and on which platforms can your fans find it? 



Ayke: Is your sounds equally uploaded on RadioVybe?

Dj Tseva: Not that I'm aware of because but I will upload my sounds on RadioVybe.


Ayke: In your career path, have you ever had to relocate in order to gain more exposure, if so from where to where?

Dj Tseva: Yes, it was when I had to travel from one city to the other for shows, it was from Swaziland, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Free State, lol it can take me the whole day to mention those places we hooked up with while on the road.


Ayke: What will be your advice for young talents who wants to become music producers?

Dj Tseva: Firstly music comes from within a person, musicians got to have passion for music and you have to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the industry and focus seriously on the career and never lose hope. Read more about music, look for relevant information and experiment on the latest sound making gadgets, always remember to  have fun on what you are doing before taking it out to the people. Learn to know the business side of music making and then the rest will follow...with love


Ayke: What do you like to do for fun outside of working on music?

Dj Tseva: Exploring nature and travelling to more cities...


Ayke: What is your recommended DAW and why?

Dj Tseva: I use Reason DAW software, I feel comfortable working with it, its keeps my music original.

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