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by on December 21, 2018

Ayke: How did you start your musical journey?

Zahara: My music journey began at a very young age. I remember being surrounded by music in my family setting as well as in the church. I was the worship leader at the age of 9.


Ayke: Ha haha (laughs) did you learn to play any instruments during your early days?

Zahara: Yes, I am a self-taught guitarist from the time I picked up a guitar in my teens.


Ayke: Did anyone in your family influence your musical career?

Zahara: I come from a very musical family, as far as I could remember I was always surrounded by singing.


Ayke: What informed the choice of your stage name?

Zahara: It was derived from my childhood nickname – Spinach, which was one of my all-time favorite foods as a kid as well.


Ayke: Which famous African musician do you admire and why do you think he /she is good?

Zahara: Mirian Makheba, she is a symbol of both feminine power and grace who was unapologetic about her greatness – something that I too strive for daily.


Ayke: Do you write and produce your sounds?

Zahara: I either write or co-write most of my music and am also very involved in the production as well.


Ayke: How will you describe your genre of sound?

Zahara: I try not to think of my music in genres because I didn’t know what genre of music I was making before I was told. My people however, identify my sound as Afro Pop / Afro- Soul



Ayke: I hope you will add upload your sounds and videos on RadioVybe?

Zahara: I think RadioVybe is a brilliant platform and can really push music forward. I’d definitely be uploading my stuff in the near future.


Ayke: If you are taking a break from music, where do you spend your spare time?

Zahara: One of my favorite things to do when I’m not writing, singing or playing guitar, is relaxing on the couch with my husband and watching cartoons.


Ayke: Do you know how to play only one instrument, or can you play others?

Zahara: Guitar is my bread and butter, but I love playing alongside multi-instrumental musicians.


Ayke: I know growing up, you had a musical group you liked so much, who were they?

Zahara: Brenda Fassie, my biggest inspiration hands down.


Ayke: Do you have certain rituals you do to calm your nerves before a musical performance?

Zahara: I like to be quiet in prayer. It’s meditative and allows me really to connect with the crowd and the music.


Ayke: Could you recount any concert of yours where your fans surprised you with appreciation?

Zahara: Definitely Wembly Arena in 2012. Playing on another continent and hearing the crowd sing my lyrics back to me was absolutely breathtaking.


Ayke: What do you think will improve the state of musical artists and producers in Africa?

Zahara: I think technology is doing big things to push music forward. The barriers are so low, anyone can pick up an instrument or sing into a mic and upload it online for anyone to see. As a producer, all you need is a laptop and some talent and you can make it.


Ayke: Finally, Secrets! secrets! (:smile::smile:) your fans said I should ask you if there is a romancegoing on in your life right now?

Answer: Well… (Blushing)

Ayke: Zahara thanks so much for chatting with RadioVybe

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