Ayke Ezeani
by on December 25, 2018


After the false bond last year, the Teaupla Show initiated by Elzo Jamdong returns this year to Canal Olympia. The darling of Senegalese rap will reconnect with his audience through a show that is already announced.

Fans and supporters of the young rapper worried that they have not seen their artist in Dakar since the release of his last album, Macina in June, fans can be reassured, Elzo Jamdong returns to the Senegal for the Teaupla Show, with a nice surprise and the release of a new EP. Indeed, the entourage of the artist has announced the release of the Free Season 2 maxi before or after the concert of 25 December.  This news will surely delight all fans!

Launched in 2016, in the wake of its acclaimed debut album, Freengdom, the Teaupla Show was usually held at the Daniel Sorano National Theater. Last year, the show did not take place but this time, the rapper does not miss the reunion that his fans are looking forward to all year.

El Hadji Diallo, better known under the name of Elzo Jamdong is one of the leaders of the new generation of Senegalese rappers who has won on the local scene like DIP Doundou Guiss, Ngaaka Armor, Akhlou Brick Paradise, LSS 814, to name but a few.

Living between France and Senegal, the founder of Jamdong Community has put on the market, with his collective has won the heart of Trap, Hip Hop and Rap music lovers in Senegal. In solo, his discography is rich of maxis like Free Dope, Free Season. His first album, Freengdom, was released in 2016 and was a huge success, and one of the titles of this album, "Yow Lë", was awarded the 2017 Best Video Clip at the Galsen Hip Hop Awards.

Macina, his second album, nominated for the Galsen Hip Hop Awards 2018 in the category Best Solo Album was unveiled in June 2017, since then his fans are demanding a concert in Dakar. This is their wish realized; a timely gift, in the form of a show and an EP, on December 25 at Canal Olympia.

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