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Ayke: How did you start your musical journey?

Jud: Growing up in New York, I was told that I sang all the time when I was young believing that  "I played music before I talked" (laughs) so music has always been in me.

Ayke: Did anyone in your family influence musical career?

Jud: I grew up in a family of Lawyers, my Grandfather was a Lawyer, my father took the same law route and became a lawyer as well, so I was made to study law just to comply to my family norms but music was still calling and the desire to become a musician never left me.

Ayke: Ha ha ha (laughs) did you learn to play any instruments or during your early days?

Jud: Yah I do play keyboard and a couple of other instruments.

Ayke: Which famous African musician do you admire and why do you think he /she is good?

Jud: I admire good music and any musician that makes good music has got me as a fan. I haven't done any project with any particular African musician but I am very ready to work with anyone.

Ayke: Do you write and produce your sounds?

Jud: Growing up in music I loved performing, but I didn’t crave it that much an i knew that the limelight was not for me either.  What I really craved was….to write and make music.  And I realized I could do it for other people. So I moved to Los Angeles and started sharpen my writing and producing craft.  After several years, I had my first Number One hit as a writer and arranger:  “I Don’t Have The Heart” by James Ingram.


Ayke: How will you describe your genre?

Jud: I love writing and producing melodious sounds that anyone can emotionally connect to so I don't really focus on genre when I am in studio, I just wana make good and lasting sounds.

Ayke: Is there any latest sound from you and on which platforms can your fans find it?

Jud: As a writer arranger and a producer,  all my sounds are on most music streaming websites, once you search for artists that I have worked with you will find a couple of my musical expressions (laughs).

Ayke: When you are taking a break from music, where do you spend your spare time?

Jud: Family is very important to me, so I spend a lot of time with my family when I am not busy. I gym a lot so is another space where I spend time if I am not working

Ayke: I know growing up,  you had a musical group you liked so much, who were they?

Jud: A lot of wonderful musicians caught my attention when I was growing up. the likes of Rolling Stones, Police,  etc.

Ayke: What rituals do you do to calm your nerves before a musical performance or a competition?

Jud: I don't perform a lot, but nerves is not really an issue for me so I allow myself to feel the moment and I try to take charge of the space that I am in and put up a good performance.

Ayke:I know you have pulled a lot of gigs but which one stood out for you and why?

My memorable moment was the period I had to actually perform "Run To You" with Whitney Houston for her Bodyguard soundtrack. The whole Bodyguard movie crew was present "Warner Bros Pictures"  Actor Kevin Costner and Whitney's Clive Davies were among those who were present for the dry run of the Run To You”, from “The Bodyguard” film soundtrack that I co-wrote with my co-writer Allan Rich. The experience was phenomenal.


Ayke: What do you think will improve the state of musical artists and producers in South Africa?

Jud: Dedication and hard work

Ayke: what will ever make you render your services for free?

Jud: I do make out time to do some musical projects that are charity related.

Ayke: Finally, Secrets! secrets! secrets! (laughs) your fans said I should ask you if there is a woman in your life?

Jud: I am a Family man


Ayke: Jud thanks for talking to RadioVybe






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Toval Ezeani
Wooow, run to you songwriter. That’s one of my favorite Whitney Houston songs. Indeed you’re a music maestro
Mike Olima
I wish I had the chance to meet Whitney Houston
Judy Okade
Her voice was out of this world
Zama Bengula
Wow what a read, he wrote such a wonderful song for one of the best romantic movies..