Ayke Ezeani
by on January 6, 2019

Ayke: How did you start your musical journey?

Psyko: Growing up my family used to play a lot of music & I was always fascinated by the lifestyle & how happy we were. I began to find my own taste in music and from being exposed to a lot at a young age that just opened a lot of doors for me & I’m not supplied that I’m a musician myself today.

Ayke: Ha! ha! ha! (laughs) did you learn to play any instruments or during your early days?

Psyko: Upsss, if you ask me everything is an instrument ha h aha ha! More than anything I trained my ear & how I easy into things.

Ayke: Did anyone in your family influence musical career?

Psyko: Yeah, I’m blessed to have a very supportive family & they just inspire me to do more but more than anyone my mother & my future wife or maybe have been my number one fans.

Ayke: What informed the choice of your stage name?

Psyko: Tech N9ne, Strange Music recording label & Hopsin. If you know you know lol!

Ayke: Which famous African musician do you admire and why do you think he /she is good?

Psyko: There are quite a few guys I admire but on top of my head, Wiz Kid he is the ultimate African artist. Forever young & hardworking!

Ayke: Record Engineer | Producer | Professional Sound Designer | Aspiring Cinematographer, Director & Video Editor, which one comes first?

Psyko: Money & Music Producer. Everything else falls under. It’s too easy!

Ayke: How will you describe your genre of sound production?

Psyko: Vibrations Fi Life.

Ayke: Any latest sound from you recently, on which music streaming platforms can your fans find it?

Psyko: Sounds Produced by PSYKOBEATS are coming out every day on all digital platforms WORLDWIDE. It’s best you follow me up on my socials to keep updated on the latest.

Ayke: I hope you will add upload your sounds and videos on RadioVybe?


Ayke: If you are taking a break from work, where do you spend your spare time?

Psyko: Discovering new routes, Road Trips & Travelling is cool. 

Ayke: Do you know how to play only one instrument or can you play a couple?

Psyko: I’m still learning how to play piano. I know I will be a pro player by the end of this year.

Ayke: I know growing up; you had a music producer you liked so much, who was that?

Psyko: T-MINUS for his leads, DR DRE for his drums & catchy hooks, P Diddy for hit records back to back and the work he did with Bad Boy ENT. Cardiak flatline for his string sections & heavy basslines,

Ayke: Do you have certain rituals you do to calm your nerves before a musical performance?

Psyko: Yeah, I visualize the end goal before performing and that works for me 100% every time.

Ayke: I know you have pulled a lot of production, which one stood out for you and why?

Psyko: NEW* YoungstaCpt – Voice Of The Cape. I’m grateful for Yasis but VOC IS GOING TO STAND OUT TILL INFINITY.

Ayke: What do you think will improve the state of musical artists and producers in Africa?

Psyko: I can’t speak for everyone but for me I’m going to keep on networking, collaborating & network more. That routine is working & the results are phenomenal.

Ayke: What is the plans going forward?


Ayke: Funnily, what will ever make you render your services for free?

Psyko: For a Good cause, Great attitude & Great VIBRATIONS.

Ayke: Finally, Secrets! secrets! (laughs) your fans said I should ask you if there is a romance going on in your life right now?

Psyko: Wow lol, Great question. I’m still working on that one but my team is accepting CVs on my behalf lol females can feel free to drop in their CVs fully typed out. We take references too!

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