Ayke Ezeani
by on September 5, 2019

Ayke: When was the beginning of your musical career?

FFortune: 2009 I started writing music and started recording in 2010


Ayke: When you felt the idea of yours is coming together who was the first artist that you linked yourself with?

FFortune: I was associated with other upcoming artist from my hometown at that time.


Ayke: At what time in your life did you feel the time was right for you to start your musical career professionally? 

FFortune: 2012, when I lost my mother I had to find a gateway because I always feeling lonely so music was escape.


Ayke: How did you build musical contacts and who was your first call?

FFortune: I connected with local event promoters and community radio station compilers.


Ayke: What informed your stage logo and name?

FFortune: My name is Mahlatse so people translated it to English which meant fortunate so I changed it to FFortune.


Ayke: Were you playing any musical instrument prior to becoming a full musical act?

FFortune: No, but I had always see my late uncle play guitar daily and that’s where my influence with reggae, dancehall and afropop came from.


Ayke: Do you have any Publishing, T.V/Film relationships that helps you to take your musical products and artistry further?

FFortune: No I rely on online platforms.


Ayke: Maintaining a successful career takes a lot of work and commitment, how much time do you dedicate towards making sure your career got to this level?

FFortune: I can’t really measure how much time but I make sure I give it my all.


Ayke: Where do you wana see yourself in the next five years?

FFortune: As I just finished my country tour I’m now focusing on foreign countries so in five years I see myself touring overseas.


Ayke: If you were to hands off your musical production, who is that musical producer you will allow handling your album solely?

FFortune: Anatii, Gemini major or Ph.


Ayke: What is distinctive about your music making skills?

FFortune: Versatility describe it better, you can expect any type of music genre from me.


Ayke: In your career path, have you ever had to relocate in order to gain more exposure, if so from where to where?

FFortune: Yes from Tzaneen in Limpopo to Johannesburg in Gauteng .


Ayke: How did you end up opening your own clothing line and what is the brand name?

FFortune: As Im always doing my own concerts/shows I saw a need for me to make extra revenue not only from tickets and cds

The clothing line is called OTC (Outstanding Thinking ahead and Creativity)


Ayke: What would be your humble request from anybody who will want to assist you in your career?

FFortune: Anything that anyone can see my brand is lacking they can hit me up at any time, no man is island.


Ayke: Can you please share your advice with young talents who want to come into music?

FFortune: We are now in independence generation so you have to be self-reliant, have a team, create social media accounts, build bridges, be yourself and stay committed to your craft.


Ayke: If you are not doing music, what is there for fun?

FFortune: I can’t say for fun but I also have other business ventures outside just music and entertainment.


Ayke: What is your recommended DAW and why?

FFortune: When it comes to productions I have a team that’s handling all the mastering and mixing I record and give them projects.


Ayke: How many albums of yours are in the shops and on music streaming platforms?

FFortune: I only have one EP out on all digital platforms I’m releasing another EP before end of the year and the album will come out in 2020


Ayke: I hope you will sign-up and upload your sounds and videos on RadioVybe.com?

FFortune: Definitely.


Ayke: Ffortune thanks so much

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