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by on September 6, 2019

Ayke: Welcome to RadioVybe?

Troy: Thank you for the lovely Welcome

Ayke: Tell me how your musical careers begin?

Troy: Well it all started back in primary school during talent shows, never really knew I could sing and perform of stage but I actually did and I wasn’t that scared at all. 2011 was the first time I actually got noticed by people that I’m into music and it sort of changed my life around.

Ayke: When you felt the idea of yours is coming together who was the first artist that you linked yourself with?

Troy: I first contacted my friend Dan Page and told him I would love to record my music at his studio, lol back then I was clueless when coming to mixing & mastering both instrumentals and vocals. But we pushed to this day we made some pretty good music.

Ayke: At what time in your life did you feel the time was right for you to start your musical career professionally?

Troy: 2016, I was still unsure about my life’s journey but I had FL Studio so I was like “Oh Kay” started producing 2015 and officially selling beats 2016.it wasn’t an easy journey and never will be but all I can say is I’ve never looked back since then.

Ayke: How did you build musical contacts and who was your first call?

Troy: I talk a lot, lol I used always keep my beats on my phone and always play them to my friends and people id bump into mysteriously and connected musically, I would say my friends were basically my first go to contacts because they are the ones that first hooked me up with different kinds of producers and musicians.

Ayke: What informed your stage logo and name?

Troy: Gosh!!! This question haha uhm… I believe we all know the movie “Troy” by Brad Pitt, and High School Musical there was Zac Efron who also acted as “Troy” and so I took both names and merged them together to form one powerful name which is Troy obviously but I looked at it differently from what other people had perceived, I saw myself as a powerful thinker when coming to music. As for Vee well I got it from friends coz they used to shortcut my surname from Wittes to Vee… Macbom originates from the song “Return of The Mack” by Mann feat. Snoop Dogg and I played around with it till I eventually came to the conclusion of “Mac is the Bomb” and I officially became Troy Vee Macbom.

Ayke: Were you playing any musical instrument prior to becoming a full musical act?

Troy: I wish… sadly we didn’t have enough money back then so I had no instrument to play with.

Ayke: Do you have any Publishing, T.V/Film relationships that helps you to take your musical products and artistry further?

Troy: Not at the moment no, I’m sort of focused of multiple things right now like TV Presenting, Acting, I’m a Talk Show Host too so I haven’t been getting enough to get my music published but I’m working on that.

Ayke: Maintaining a successful career takes a lot of work and commitment, how much time do you dedicate towards making sure your career got to this level?

Troy: I spend so much time in the studio trying to make good music and believe me it is not as easy as people make it out to be, it is hard but if you love what you do then you just have to keep going no matter what it takes and that’s what drove me to making sure I never lose sight of what is important.

Ayke: Where do you wana see yourself in the next five years?

Troy: In the industry doing what I love to do and also opening up the industry for new and upcoming talents that are ignored… I see myself building a stable relationship with big media houses and getting my record label out there.

Ayke: If you were to hands off your musical production, who is that musical producer you will allow handling your album solely?

Troy: Well for starters let me start with Sketchy Bongo, oh man Sketchy is by far the best producer I’ve ever seen. He just makes everything look so easy when it’s not; the guy really knows how to dedicate himself to music and work hard at it so id personally let him handle my album no stress.

Ayke: What is distinctive about your music making skills?

Troy: I think out of the box and I don’t mind working on new unknown genres because my love and dedication for music goes beyond just hitting the studio and recording a song, its more than that and that’s what I believe makes my skills incredible if I have to say myself.

Ayke: In your career path, have you ever had to relocate in order to gain more exposure, if so from where to where?

Troy: Yes I had to, from North West Klerksdorp to Pretoria. Because North West has no support foundation I had to come to Pretoria to build my music career.

Ayke: What would be your humble request from anybody who will want to assist you in your career?

Troy: Please teach me everything you know because I am willing to learn, I believe one can never really now enough and that’s why people still travel because as much as you’ve read how amazing a place is you would still like to see it for yourself study more.

Ayke: Can you please share your advice with young talents who want to come into music?

Troy: Music is a one way ticket to happiness so if you’re going to do music please enjoy it and don’t force it because the moment you do… you’ll get angry at yourself for no reason. Music is a sport so stay fit and never give up no matter what.

Ayke: If you are not doing music, what is there for fun?

Troy: I go swimming, watch movies at the theater or just stay home watch movies, series and anime.

Ayke: What is your recommended DAW and why?

Troy: Pro-tools because it gives out the cleanest and smoothest vocals ever.

Ayke: How many albums of yours are in the shops and on music streaming platforms?

Troy: I only have 1 EP out and a couple of singles but I’m working on an album right now as we speak, I can’t tell you anything about it as yet but it’s going to be amazing.

Ayke: I hope you will sign-up and upload your sounds and videos on RadioVybe.com?

Troy: I believe I will, very soon hopefully.

Ayke: Troy Vee thanks for talking to RadioVybe

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