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by on September 7, 2019

Ayke: RadioVybe welcomes you…

Twizz Alfa: Thank you for having me.


Ayke: Tell me how your musical careers begin?

Twizz Alfa: My musical career began in 2016, with the release of my debut single, titled Clouds Above. My musical journey, however, began in 2012. I was doing Grade 9 at the time, and a student in higher grade decided to introduce the idea of having cyphers at school, during our lunch times. After rapping at the cyphers a couple of times, I decided to start recording full songs and I've never looked back since.



Ayke: At what time in your life did you feel the time was right for you to start your musical career professionally? 

Twizz Alfa: In 2017. I was doing my second year at Stellenbosch University at the time, and had recently released my first ever music video, titled Shadows. The reception was overwhelming. At that point, it became clear to me that my music is what I needed to be investing my time and energy on.


Ayke: How did you build musical contacts and who was your first call?

Twizz Alfa: I built musical contacts through sharing my music and reaching out to as many people as I could, at the time. One of the first people to get back to me and agree to collaborate was Zino D, who went on to produce Save MARY. Much love and respect to Zino, I am forever grateful for his contribution to my career.


Ayke: What informed your stage logo and name?

Twizz Alfa: My stage name was inspired by my favourite rapper of all time, Lil Wayne. The name Twizz is derived from Weezy. I later decided to add the "Alfa" part to my name, simply because I feel like I'm the first artist of my kind - which is something I'll continue to prove as time progresses.


Ayke: Were you playing any musical instrument prior to becoming a full musical act?

Twizz Alfa: I've never had the opportunity to learn how to play any instruments and so no. However, I feel it's only inevitable that I'll learn how to play at least one, as I am aware of how much that can broaden my ability to express myself through music. But all will be done in good time.


Ayke: Do you have any Publishing, T.V/Film relationships that helps you to take your musical products and artistry further?

Twizz Alfa: Unfortunately, I have none, whatsoever. I look forward to building such relationships for various purposes, such as expanding my fanbase and making my music more accessible to the public. This is something we often struggle with as independent artists because we don’t have direct nor indirect link between us, and the people in position to provide us with mainstream airplay.


Ayke: Maintaining a successful career takes a lot of work and commitment, how much time do you dedicate towards making sure your career got to this level?

Twizz Alfa: I always dedicate all the time I have on my hands. Anything worth having comes at a hefty price, and the price to pay in this case, is literally blood sweat and tears. Not to mention, music is my life. Any time I spend on something other than my music, is seen as time spent not living, in my eyes.


Ayke: Where do you wana see yourself in the next five years?

Twizz Alfa: I want to see myself achieving everything I've set myself up to achieve. I can't really disclose what that is, at this moment, but everything will be documented on my social media accounts. So follow, and stay tuned.


Ayke: What is distinctive about your music making skills?

Twizz Alfa: Apart from my intricate yet catchy hooks, and relentless rap flows, I possess the ability to make the listener feel as if I'm delivering a personal message.


Ayke: In your career path, have you ever had to relocate in order to gain more exposure, if so from where to where?

Twizz Alfa: I've had to relocate from Cape Town to Johannesburg for about a year, but it wasn't to gain exposure. I mainly went to JHB for creative purposes. I cannot deny, however, that my stay there has been quite instrumental in the progression of my career and the exposure I've gained.


Ayke: What would be your humble request from anybody who will want to assist you in your career?

Twizz Alfa:  I'd request that they have my best interests at heart and trust my ideas.


Ayke: Can you please share your advice with young talents who want to come into music?

Twizz Alfa: The best advice I can give to them would be to stay true to themselves & trust the process.


Ayke: What is your recommended DAW and why?

Twizz Alfa: I recommend Protools, solely because it's the standard DAW used in the industry. My favourite DAW, however, is FL Studio because it's so easy to navigate, which can be really convenient when I'm rushing to lay down an idea before I forget it.


Ayke: How many albums of yours are in the shops and on music streaming platforms?

Twizz Alfa: I haven't released any albums as of yet, because I'm still in the process of acquiring a core following. The last 3 singles I've released, titled Shadows, Save MARY, and Savage are available on all major streaming platforms.


Ayke: I hope you will sign-up and upload your sounds and videos on RadioVybe.com?

Twizz Alfa: Definitely. I appreciate the platform and opportunities that RadioVybe.com has to offer to artists such as myself.


Ayke: Finally, Secrets! secrets! (:smile::smiley:) your fans said I should ask you if there is a romance going on in your life right now? (Pls ignore, if you don't want to answer)

Twizz Alfa: I cannot disclose! (:laughing::laughing::laughing:) The only relationship I'm mainly focused on right now is the relationship between me, my music, and my supporters. That's the only relationship I'm focused on strengthening and building at the moment.

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