by on September 7, 2019

South African female rapper Nadia Nakai, TV Presenter Nomuzi Mabena and Actress Khanya Mkangisa have done the most over the previous few days in these Lagos streets and they have informed most social media users that Africa is the coolest. Nadia Nakai used the chance to talk about uniting Africans in the aftermath of the xenophobic assaults in South Africa and violence against women and children.

“I was in Ojuelegba just yesterday and never did I feel unsafe or not welcome… they knew I was South African! IT should never be okay to attack and hurt innocent people because A criminal came from their country! We have a whole South African evil man who committed a hideous crime while having so many other crimes against women every day in South Africa, BUT we don’t walk around fucking up every South African man we see! The violence needs to stop…..,” Nadia Nakai wrote.


Girls Hype!!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::ok_hand::fire::fire:



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Good read @Fifi
Olah Ndah
Free as African birds 😄😄
Birds indeed
Judy Okade
We are one Africa. Africa is our home.