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Pictures from SABC daily saopy, the Lucy And Mrekza Wedding of the  Generations Legacy! We all enjoy TV weddings, although the emotional rollercoaster they carry is very demanding, I was not dissapointed by Lucy and Mrekza.

This wedding was produced for TV from the groom who almost missed his own wedding to Lucy's two wedding gown modifications, sister in the speech of the law, Tau MC's wedding and Lesedi waking in on her BFF and ex make-out session.

Mrekza wants it to be out of this globe, catwalk, live band, true and new flowers, among other stuff is what he dreams of. He also wants a celebrity chef to perform the wedding catering. In sharp comparison ; with a straightforward one, the bride would have been all right. But, to the taste of her husband, she'll let it be her dream wedding.

Mrekza once seemed not to worry about getting married or taking Lucy as a soulmate. Sometime during their relationship, the couple once did not talk to eachother and broke up a couple of weeks ago. However, he noticed how hard it was for him without his wife to deal with life and how much she loved him, the businessman retraced his footsteps and suggested it to her.

In his effoert to propose, Mrekza's concept was to take her by surprise, he wished to offer her complete individuals cheering on them in a restaurant, but when they visited the restaurant, Mrekza discovered that he had created a reservation for the following week. There is no room for them. Due to the development, he did it on the parking lot instead. She loved it, Lucy was caught off guard, and she agreed, even though she didn't want to marry.

"Lucy didn't want to get married," Manaka clarified: "The wedding would have been a tiny, intimate affair if it were up to her, but Mrekza wanted the whole thing big.

For Lucy, being with him again was a cherished dream.







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