Welcome to WBGS GAMING we decided to start a radio and do what we like to do and that's play Hip Hop music. Our main goal is to help shape gaming and possible the world we need to start somewhere I think RadioVybe gives us this start, we would really like RadioVybe to be our main site, but it's geared towards radio, mainly and what can we do to make this a main site. We really don't want this to be like Facebook I call it face crook because they do the complete opposite of what they say. Now if you guys are all in, and like WBGS Radio what you say to make this our main home page for our radio and our main site the only issue is we need more customization, here is some of what we would like to see.

-HTML News
-More profile customization like make custom theme I can get people to help.
-app for desktop like Tweetdeck but something where we can listen to our favorite radioVybe stations.
-Radio Request through RadioVybe people keep asking em where do I submit Radio Requests.
-Would be cool to have an event ticker so if we post events when people come to our radio channel, they see a ticker at the top.

It would be nice to use RadioVybe as our main site for gaming and radio, we are sick of having hosting issues, we would be glad to maybe drop our host and go with you also we can cast the radio from home but feed back on the radio is always appreciated, and if you hate, please give us constructive criticism.
RadioVybe (Official Account)
Thanks, your feedback is appreciated. Kindly note that Radio Request is meant to be submitted via Shoutbox on your Radio Page.
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Over Da Edge Radio Ontario
Yea but people are asking em and stuff and are confused this site looks like an in one place to host our main site just need more customization and clearer options so people that are new can understand right now they are confused.
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