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The FreshRock radio station was created with the aim of collecting and combining the music of little-known rock performers, which is not published in huge print runs on CDs, does not play on well-known radio stations, does not go on TV and is not widely covered in the media space of urban, national and international media. However, this does not happen at all because the music of these artists is of poor quality or categorically falls under the category of "non-format" or does not correspond to the style, but only for the purpose that it does not bring any benefit to well-known radio stations, rock bands that do not pay for its promotion for the most part they do not have a producer and exist as they are, and the masses need pop music, noisy in all the irons, and club music, which has stuck in their heads after repeated listening from everywhere. Радиостанция FreshRock была создана с целью собрать и объединить музыку малоизвестных рок-исполнителей, которая не издаётся огромными тиражами на CD, не крутится на известных радиостанциях, не идёт по телеку и мало освещается в медиапросторе городских, общенациональных и международных СМИ. Однако, это происходит вовсе не потому, что музыка этих исполнителей некачественная или категорически попадает под разряд "неформат" или не соответствует стилю, а лишь с той целью, что не несёт никакой выгоды известным радиостанциям, за её раскрутку не платят рок-коллективы, которые в большинстве своём не имеют продюсера и существуют как есть, а массы нуждаются в шумящей во всех утюгах попсе и клубной музыке, которая заела у них в головах после многократного прослушивания отовсюду.
Andrew Ezell Wash
Ayke Ezeani
Shobukan Martial Arts
Vorterix Bahía 99.1
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Radio Vorterix Bahía 99.1 es de la ciudad de Bahía Blanca Argentina. Contiene 15 producciones locales. Y también retransmite algunos programas de Vorterix Buenos Aires. Es una multiplataforma ya que transmite por audio y video.  
Leandro Giraudo
Lunga Xahia
Radio Diabolus
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Radio Diabolus rockt das Netz mit dem besten Sounds aus den Genres : Folk-Rock, Irish Folk, Classic Rock, Blues Rock, Rock, Modern Rock, Alternative, Indie, Punk sowie allen Metal Untergenres wie Nu-, Gothic-, Symphonic-, Power-, Thrash-, Death-, Pagan-, Viking-, Brutal Death Metal, Core bis hin zum Grindcore und bringt euch täglich moderierte und unmoderierte Sendungen aus der gesamten "Rock & Metal" Szene! Tune in unter  :  Standard Stream : Handy Stream : : Tune In : Phonostar : Für euren Player nutzt bitte folgende Links : Winamp: Windows Media Player: Bands, Labels & Promotion Agenturen kontaktieren uns für Promotionen bitte via  promotion(at)  
Poptastic Radio
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Radio digitale dédiée à la musique Pop et Rock Anglaise. Découvrez nos playlists thématiques : britpop pop rock indie et nouvelle scène anglaise. France
Metal Meyhem Radio
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Metal Meyhem Radio has been on the internet airwaves since 2016, and on DAB+ in Portsmouth since January 2018, and now in 2019 Brighton. We have been making great strides in achieving it's original goal of showcasing some great up and coming talent with over 280 "promoted bands" (promoted bands are bands that are either unsigned or signed to independent labels) and can currently be heard via our website ‌, via our own mobile apps, and all the major internet radio directories such as TuneIn, MyTuner and and now Amazon Alexa. Promoted bands have regular slots within our regular daily rotation, as well as FOUR dedicated 1 hour slots each day, and each band also has a profile page on We have regular links with most major record labels and PR Companies, and often punch above our weight by interviewing many large and established bands, as well as staying up to date with brand new releases. As a South Coast radio station, we look to support the local music scene, but promoting the events, and also by actually showing up, and speaking/ interviewing the bands, as well as provide show reports... we have recently added a new monthly show called The LARS Live Show which is a show that plays the live recordings from some of the past LARS Promotions  live events.  LARS Promotions themselves are a small South Coast based Live Promotions Company.   Another group we have been working with are based in the heart of Portsmouth itself,  The South (UK) Metal & Rock , and are now putting on regular events at Southsea's leading music venue The Edge of the Wedge. Sam who runs the events is now a regular on Metal Meyhem Radio. Our regular shows  look to showcase new talent, for example; Saturday Late Breakfast with JayRock every week showcases over 20 BRAND NEW tracks by bands that have often never received any radio play before. J.C's Kick Ass Rock Show each week features up and coming artists from both the UK and the US.   Both Elliot's Ritual of the Fourth, and The Pappa D Show often feature lesser known artists from across Europe,  along with  Lauren's Woman Crush Wednesday which looks to celebrate females within the heavy music industry.   Gemma with Let There Be Rock which focuses on up and coming bands and festivals.   Recent newcomer's to the station include,  James with his Metal Ashes Radio Show, Mandy Lawrie with The 69X Radio Show, which focuses on up and coming bands from the UK and around the globe,  and Pariah Burke's Hard Heavy & Hair Show which looks's at Rock & Metal from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and now.   Most recently Sam, with the South (UK) Metal & Rock. This show focuses only on bands in the South of the UK,  and those local to the station,   along with Stoner Witch Radio focusing on Stoner Rock/ Doom Metal   along with Not The Punk Rock Show focusing on up and coming Punk bands.   We also syndicate shows from; Hard Rock Nights   and one of Metal Meyhem Radio's longest running shows, The Rock Metal Podcast with Jon Harris   Starting in 2015, the UK regulatory radio body Ofcom has been conducting some trials of small scale DAB radio, in which Portsmouth was one of the first. We won a space of the Portsmouth area mulitplex and went "Live" at the end of January 2018 broadcasting across Portsmouth and the South Coast at 48Kbps AAC v2, and in doing so we joined other small independent radio stations broadcasting on DAB+ digital radio.  At the beginning of February 2019, we also joined Brighton, again broadcasting on DAB+ at 64Kbps AAC.     Ofcom have extended the trials of Small Scale DAB for a further 2 years...which means we can continue broadcasting on DAB Digital Radio until at least March 2020!! Metal Meyhem Radio has always been, and will always remain a Not for Profit Radio Station, our purpose will always be to showcase up and coming talent, and to provide opportunities for budding presenters and media journalists.   The UK does not have another Ofcom licenced independent Rock station that focuses on independent music, the only other is owned by a commercial operator (Planet Rock), and they do not play Active Rock, Extreme Metal or up and coming bands. DONATE HERE Thank you in advance                                   JayRock and the Metal Meyhem Radio Team
Radio HAG' FM
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En FM sur 96.6 MHz (Cherbourg - La Hague) et en simultané sur Internet sur France
Radio HAG' FM
Ayke Ezeani
Club Radio One
Radio Metal
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Radio Metal began broadcasting on January 1, 2010. The project works around the clock and without interruption. Listening to Radio Metal is possible via the Internet, regardless of location, be it Ukraine or another country. Online Radio Metal considers its mission to fight the dominance of pop music on radio and television.