América Dance 90's
Nossa Programação Musical é Vasta e muito Intensa, Porém Especializada em Dance Anos 90, Predominando a Linha Tradicional do Verdadeiro "Hands Up".
América Dance 90s
Darlo Radio
Darlo Radio is a local radio station for local artists and bands. We play as much local music as we can find so artists and bands can have their music heard locally, nationally and around the World. Only an internet radio station like Darlo Radio can provide this. We are run by volunteers some of whom have very impressive Professional credentials in the music industry. Of course we play all your favourite songs as well!
De beschten Lëtzebuergeschen Web Radio. La meilleure Radio Web du Luxembourg. Luxemburg's best ... Find us on facebook freeradioluxembourgfans
Italo Disco Classic
„MaxItalo” radio station is a hobbistic project started on 14th of April 2010 at “”. In the beginning it was project with additional thematic channels for another radio station, but differences in the development of the station were too big. Because of that Marek Krzak (alias “Max”) has created on his own a new radio station called ”Radio Max Italo”. At the end of the year 2012 the radio suspended its activities for 30 days for technical reasons related to the transfer of channels to another provider of radio servers. On 5th of June 2013 “MaxiItalo” changed its domain address from ‘pl’ to ‘com’ and was created shortcut ”RMI” from the name ”Radio Max Italo”. Also the new logo has been launched which is still in use. In the same year “MaxiItalo” radio station has acquired the Gema radio license from Germany and Krzysztof Droźdzk became a co-owner.  Throughout the Radio’s activity, various thematic channels that do not exist anymore were involved, such as Italo Disco Greatest Hits, EuroBeat, RMXFM or Jukebox.Currently “MaxItalo” radio station has 9 thematic channels, which are: Italo Disco Classic, Italo Disco New Generation, In The Mix, Italo Disco Instrumental Versions, Synth Space Music, Euro Disco, Gold Music, Beach Club Records and DiscoFox12. We work with many artist and record companies, our main partners are: Beach Club Records (Netherlands), Flash Back Records (Finland) and Pokorny Music Solutions (Germany). This is just a short summary of our online activities. Have a nice experiences, memories and good reception of “MaxiItalo”. Than you all for being with us!
Radio MaxItalo