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by on January 9, 2019
  Ayke: How did you start your musical journey? Serati: I have always loved singing. I was always singing and dancing around the house as a kid. In the beginning I was very shy about my singing, but eventually I entered school concerts and competitions and I got such positive reviews. From as early as I can remember Celine Dion was my idol, I wanted to be just like her, so music was never really one of many career choices; it was always the only obvious thing to do. After school I star...
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by on January 6, 2019
Ayke: How did you start your musical journey? Psyko: Growing up my family used to play a lot of music & I was always fascinated by the lifestyle & how happy we were. I began to find my own taste in music and from being exposed to a lot at a young age that just opened a lot of doors for me & I’m not supplied that I’m a musician myself today. Ayke: Ha! ha! ha! (laughs) did you learn to play any instruments or during your early days? Psyko: Upsss, if you ask me everything is an instru...
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by on December 30, 2018
  Ayke: How did you start your musical journey? Jud: Growing up in New York, I was told that I sang all the time when I was young believing that  "I played music before I talked" (laughs) so music has always been in me. Ayke: Did anyone in your family influence musical career? Jud: I grew up in a family of Lawyers, my Grandfather was a Lawyer, my father took the same law route and became a lawyer as well, so I was made to study law just to comply to my family norms but music was...
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by on December 28, 2018
On the 8th of September 1980, Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu, also known as Wanlov the Kubolor, was born into a Ghanaian-Romanian family in Ghana. Emmanuel " Wanlov the Kubolor" left Ghana after some years and moved to the United States to study Computer Science and Business Administration at the University of Mary Hardin Baylor. Due to his passion for music, in 2002, he dropped out varsity in order to become fully immersed in his music career. Departing Ghana to an entirely new continent and count...
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by on December 26, 2018
Bucky Raw has been a house hold name in Liberia music industry since his entrance into the musical arena. At a very young age his dreams for music was disrupted by the war in Liberia. Civil conflict and government corruption left their mark on the people of Liberia. During the war, cannibalism became the new norm, corpses became the new delicacy, and children were traumatically stripped of their innocence. The nation’s young ones were abducted, brainwashed and turned into soldiers and female...
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by on December 25, 2018
  After the false bond last year, the Teaupla Show initiated by Elzo Jamdong returns this year to Canal Olympia. The darling of Senegalese rap will reconnect with his audience through a show that is already announced. Fans and supporters of the young rapper worried that they have not seen their artist in Dakar since the release of his last album, Macina in June, fans can be reassured, Elzo Jamdong returns to the Senegal for the Teaupla Show, with a nice surprise and the release of a ne...
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by on December 21, 2018
Ayke: How did you start your musical journey? Zahara: My music journey began at a very young age. I remember being surrounded by music in my family setting as well as in the church. I was the worship leader at the age of 9.   Ayke: Ha haha (laughs) did you learn to play any instruments during your early days? Zahara: Yes, I am a self-taught guitarist from the time I picked up a guitar in my teens.   Ayke: Did anyone in your family influence your musical career? Zahara: ...
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by on December 20, 2018
It has been revealed that the 2017 hit song of David ‘Davido’ Adeleke, ‘Fall’, has become the first Nigerian music video to hit 100 million views on YouTube.   The Daps-directed video has made Nigerian YouTube history as the most-viewed Nigerian music video of all time.   The pop star’s music video beat Yemi Alade’s 2014 hit ‘Johnny’, which is presently at 98 million views.   The feat comes after three of Davido’s songs, ‘Assurance’, ‘Nwa Baby’ and ‘Fia’ appeared on Google’s li...
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by on December 18, 2018
    Ayke: What informed your choice of music production as a life career? Dj Tseva: I can say music runs in my blood as its also life. Hence I started my musical career at a young age, I see future in music and I want to pass it to the next generation.   Ayke: There are a lot of music producers around these days, what made you think that you were still going to be successful in this field? Dj Tseva: I reckon that the style of my music is different from others and I feel my ...
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by on December 17, 2018
  “Our lead singer Jackie Simela passed away yesterday from a car accident which happened in Morogoro region where he went to attend a funeral of his aunt. We have lost the best singer we have ever had. Stay in Power king,” the group wrote. It is with deep sorrows that Jagwa Music had to announce that their lead singer, Jackson Aluta Kazimoto, popularly known as Dogo Jackie has died after he was involved in a road accident in Morogoro. He was 33 years old. Kazimoto’s death was confirme...
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by on December 17, 2018
"I saw my manager cry for the first time. Just before I got on stage, as we were praying, he broke down. That’s when I told myself: 'Cassper, it's your turn to carry the team now.' The next day we killed the Global Citizen show. Blessed and favoured”. These were the words of Cassper during an interview with South African Broadcasting Cooperation. The artist was explaining the sudden debt of 7Million rand that he found himself in after his fourth concert groundbreaking stunts "Fillup Moses Ma...
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by on December 15, 2018
It was believed to be rummours before now, but finally it is happening. Reekado Banks has announced his personal recording label called "BANKS MUSIC" this means that his days in Don Jazzy's studio known as Marvins Records has come an end. The Marvins are one musician less. BANKS MUSIC promises new collaborations and partnerships with the sole purpose of bringing the very best to the world. Reekado Banks will always satisfy his fans assuring them that his melodic flow will never cease.
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