Ayke Ezeani
by on December 6, 2018


Ayke: How did you start your musical journey?

Answer: I started when I was around age 9/10 with homemade tin Guitars, it wasn’t serious but a sign of things to come, my father was against the idea of me becoming a musician so he couldn’t buy me instruments, at age 17,  I met someone who taught me the standard guitar basics, that's when I became a professional musician.



Ayke: Ha ha ha (laughs) did you learn to play any instruments or during your early days?

Clive: I picked interest in Guitar and learnt how to play it.


Ayke: Did anyone in your family influence musical career?

Clive: No, in my family I was the first musician



Ayke: Which famous African musician do you admire,  why do you think he /she is good?

Answer: I admire Oliver Mtukudzi  from Zimbabwe & Salif Keita from Mali, I also worked with Mtukudzi 2003 to 2007 as his guitarist.


Ayke: Do you write and produce your sounds?

Clive: Yes, I have released 10 albums to date, but I’m better known as a guitarist & music producer


Ayke: How will you describe your genre?

Clive: I play Mbira music, which is instrumentally organic.


Ayke: Is there any latest sound from you and on which platforms can your fans find it? 

Clive: I have music on itunes and www.jivezimbabwe.com


Ayke:Is your sounds equally uploaded on RadioVybe?

Clive: I do not think so (laughs)


Ayke: When you are taking a break from music, where do you spend your spare time?

Clive: I like spending time with family & friends & watching other bands play so I sometime go to live concerts.



Ayke: If you will become a jazz musician, what instrument will you like to play?

Clive: I will not change, I will still be a guitarist


Ayke: Whom will you like to work with and what will you bring into the musical collaboration?

Clive: I would like to work with Salif Keita from Mali and bring my Zimbabwean influence to the musical rhythm.


Ayke: I know growing up,  you had a musical group you liked so much, who were they?

Clive: Growing up I was into Reggae music and Mbira music, so I loved Bob Marley & Thomas Mapfumo.


Ayke: What rituals do you do to calm your nerves before a musical performance or a competition?

Clive: I practice very well before every event because I believe preparedness is the best ritual.


Ayke: I know you have pulled a lot of gigs but which one stood out for you and why?

Clive: I love the one I did with Oliver Mtukudzi in USA 2003 at Reggae on the river festival.


Ayke: What do you think will improve the state of musical artists and producers in South Africa?

Clive: I don't know much about South Africa, but in my country Zimbabwe if the government helps us by stamping out piracy it will be a good start.



Ayke: Funnily what will ever make you render your services for free?

Clive: I get involved in a lot of charity concerts just to give back to the community.


Ayke: Finally, Secrets! secrets! secrets! (laughs) your fans said I should ask you if there is a woman in your life?

Clive: Yes, I'm married to Jean (Kandeya) Mukundu and we are blessed with two kids, Tariro Nyasha(born 1994) and Takakunda(born 1998)


Ayke: Thanks for chatting with RadioVybe

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