by on September 9, 2019

Men's disposition has been endured by many Mzansi females worried about their life and demanded justice for constant abuse. Busiswa's ex boyfriend DJ Kaygee, trended throughout the weekend on accusations of attacking starring hitmaker Busisiwe and her rapper friend Marc. Lately, South Africa has been saturated with femicide, an outrage that was the focus of women being raped, killed and assaulted in South Africa's daily news platforms.

As South Africans, we were not only dealing with femicide, but also with xenophobic assaults and looting of properties. You'd believe we've handled enough unfortunate conditions. Once again, this puts on a pedestal the people of South Africa and portrays them as violent society.

So the rapper Marc, with real name as Themba Kubheka, went on to expose what the abusive baby daddy of Busiswa had done to him (injuring him) and damaged his car outside the apartment. When you look at the graphics, it portrays the aftermath of the assault – the colleague of Busiswa appears injured and swollen and his car wrecked, the perpetrator recognized as DJ Katlego "Kaygee" Mla.



Also in his defense, Busiswa's ex came ahead, shared a thread on social platforms, hoping it would go viral. Kaygee shared in a Facebook article (Which has since been deleted) a post that blatantly repudiated Busiswa's assault, although it was disclosed that he had caught her sleeping with Marc, instigating his assault on Marc.

DJ Kaygee then connected a screenshot of texts from Whatsapp that he had sent to Busiswa in an attempt to demonstrate she acknowledged sleeping with another person in her house.


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