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by on September 9, 2019

Other than doing detailed research, one thing that you should concentrate upon while writing a research paper is the structure. Properly formatting a research paper help you to convey your message clearly to the readers. And just like any other academic paper, the research paper also has a specific structure that you must follow. If you are confused regarding formatting your research paper, this blog is for you.

Here is a correct research paper structure:

  • Abstract- This is the first part that your readers will see. In the abstract, you will have to provide a brief summary of the entire research paper. You must make sure that it is written in a way so that the readers are interested in going through the paper.
  • Introduction- Use the introduction to introduce the topic to your readers. Also, you need to include a thesis statement in this section, which you will try to establish in the paper.
  • Literature review- This section will include your understanding of the various studies done on your research topic. Your knowledge about the previous research work done on this topic will also be reflected in this section.
  • Methodology- You have to write about the methods you have chosen to conduct your research. Also, you need to mention why you selected the specific research method.
  • Findings- In the ‘findings’ section, you will mention the results you have found by conducting your research.
  • Discussion- Here, you will discuss the results you have found from your research. You should also discuss whether your hypothesis has been proven or not.


  • Conclusion- The last section of your research paper will mention the key points from the research paper. In this part, you should not include any new information, and provide suggestions for future study on the research work.


The above-mentioned structure will help you to write a stellar research paper. Follow the structure and score the best grades in your class.  

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