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Emtee shares his side of the tale with crashed vehicles, unpaid bills, home evictions and more drama.

After a sequence of seemingly poor luck, these were Emtee's words describing his life. “I started my year on a bad note.”
After falling to follow on rent, he was thrown out of a stylish home he resided in, crashed two high-class vehicles within two weeks, and in both instances supposedly vanished from the accident scenes.

A local newspaper caught up with him from the mouth of the horse to get a bite into the drama. The record was laid directly by Emtee. He contended that it was true that he had moved out of his mansion in Midrand and that he had banged a vehicle, but there was something else.

Since crashing the Mercedes-Benz he was driving, the rapper has been traveling with lifts or other public transport for nine months now. On the day of the crash, he was returning home from a studio session that morning, he recalled, accompanied by two friends around 4 am and that accident took place in that early hours.

"How it happened, I don't understand. I might have been tired, but I collapsed. I remember blacking and hitting my chest on the steering wheel. I was in and out of consciousness."he claimed he was sober when he got behind the steering wheel, but he couldn't remember much.

He insisted that after the crash he did not escape the scene of the accident, nor did he give up the luxury vehicle. His record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, lent the vehicle to him. “My friends tell me we had to leave the car at the scene because I kept blacking out and they needed to get me to a doctor,” he explained.

Emtee, who had been given two weeks off work, said he was shocked when he saw reports that he had disappeared from the scene of the incident. "The scene I've never escaped. I had to see a physician," he said.

The crash deteriorated his already soured connection with Kgosi Mahumapelo, his record label boss.

KGOSI was angry, Emtee said. “Instead of the CEO checking if I was okay, he told me I needed to pay like R700 000. That’s crazy.”

Emtee was shocked to know that he did not have the vehicle he believed had been purchased for him. "After the accident, I discovered out that the vehicle I believed the CEO had purchased for me was not in my name.

"From the start, how I got the vehicle was dodgy. I was called to go to the dealership in Mercedes-Benz. I noticed a vehicle with a red ribbon and my name on it when I showed up there. So I thought it was mine. "Perhaps I was naïve. I believed the car's cash came from the cash I made for the label.
"But as time passed, I requested Kgosi for the car's documents and I was told to keep quite" 

Returning to the recording studio when he recovered from the wounds, the reception was not that nice. "We began to receive notifications that our lease was not up to date. I also complained to the label that the house was being maintained and nothing was being achieved. So, I wasn't amazed at all when the notices arrived," he said.

Tabloids revealed that Emtee was leaving the house in a poor condition . "They said I was burning the floors and wrecking the site, which is not accurate.

As a consequence, Emtee moved his family to Orange Grove's home for Nicole's parents. "We left the furniture they purchased and all that was there. It's been the last straw. He chronicled how he was unhappy with the label and now he is working without a label.

"Whenever I proposed anything, I've been told, ' Oh, you're heading back, acting crazy, it's all the marijuana you're smoking, or this and that," said Emtee.

He was once nominated for a 2016 BET award, but his bosses rejected him the chance to attend the American star-studded ceremony. "They said they didn't approve my visa request because they watched my social media.

"The lame excuse was that I can't go because I'm smoking weed and I'm going to smoke and get into trouble in America," he said.

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