Amato Cole
by on October 3, 2019

Luxury brands like Apple design powerful products, but they also evolve their line quickly. Sometimes a new device will be perfectly tailored for your applications, leaving you with outdated equipment. Considering how much your existing Apple products cost, they can be difficult to part with. This is especially true for Apple’s most expensive products like iMacs. For businesses and individuals looking to upgrade their Apple products, you can turn your old device into cash with Mac Me an Offer. If you are looking to sell iMac desktops or any other Apple device, Mac Me an Offer is the best source for finding a great trade-in value with top of the line service.

We offer a quick and easy quote for your products. To sell your mac, simply visit our website and enter the make and model of your device. All of this info can be found in the “About This Mac” option of your Apple Menu or Device Settings.

On our second menu, you can tell us more information about your device. If you would like to sell a MacBook Pro, we will ask you if the charger is included. For users selling iMacs, we will want to know if they include a keyboard and mouse. For every product we buy, we include a section to describe any operational or cosmetic issues your device may have. You can also describe any upgrades or additional hardware that you believe will influence the trade in value.

Within 24 hours of your submission, you will receive an email from one of our trade in experts. If you choose to accept our offer, we will provide you with documentation to pack with your products, shipping instructions, and a printable free shipping label. Simply ship your product to us and we will inspect the device and issue payment within 3 days. We offer the option to be paid fast through PayPal or via check.

Whether you are an individual looking to sell an iPhone or a company that needs to sell iMac desktops to make room for a new line of computers, we offer quality customer service to every customer. We have served the Apple community since 1995 and we are dedicated to getting our customers the most money for their products. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have conductedthousands of trade-ins, so you can trust that we will give you the best deal for your Apple devices.

So, if you have Apple products to sell, find out what they’re worth at Mac Me an Offer. We make it fast and simple to turn your outdated tech into cash to put towards a new device. Get a quote today and let your old devices help pay for your next upgrade.

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