William Elijah
by on October 5, 2019

Organic, natural, 100% genuine – you’ve heard it all. There’s no such classification even from the FDA that informs about the “perfect” bar soap.

Contradictory to claims, the FDA has no official statement that identifies a bar soap as natural and/or organic bar soap. If some brand claims “USFDA-certified natural and organic” bar soap, then you should ignore. On a second note, you can go on to complain as well.

While brands are entitled to present their products most appreciably, you shouldn’t get swayed by those high-end marketing tactics. What should draw your interest are the ingredients of that bar soap for men marketed to you.

Let us check what major ingredients you should be looking for.

Base oils – Olive, coconut, avocado, etc. are some popular and base oils that help moisturize the skin and provides added vitamins.

Clays and pigments – Most of the mass-produced mens soap contain artificial colors and dyes instead of natural clays and powders. These chemically dyed colors can damage your skin. Thus, keep looking for natural clays and pigments on the label of ingredients.

Essential oils – Do you believe so-called natural soaps would fill the atmosphere with their “bountiful” fragrances? Well, the fact is mass-produced soaps have ample amounts of artificial fragrances that are fake and useless. Check for products with therapeutic grade essential oils that pressed/distilled from plants.

Exfoliants – Not many men look for soaps with exfoliants because they don’t even know the purpose of the same. The mild nature of exfoliants and natural ground mineral elements make it effective for cleaning grime, dirt, and dead skin cells from the skin.

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