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by on October 7, 2019

Machinists are always looking for ways to speed up the process of milling components. Between tool changes and running low speeds and feeds on harder materials, the process can be laborious. While standard end mills tend to experience chatter at high speeds, the invention of variable flute end mills has created a unique solution for dealing with high-speed chatter. If you are tired of running your end mills slower in exchange for stability, you need to try the variable end mills from Online Carbide.

Online Carbide is an independent US manufacturer of solid carbide high-performance end mills. Unlike major brands that deal with middlemen to sell through big box stores, Online Carbide sells direct to consumers so you can save big with their manufacturer pricing. They offer a huge variety of cutting tools for milling applications ground from solid carbide stock using state of the art robot fed 5 axis CNC grinders. You don’t have to buy from industry leaders to get the end mills you need.

Online Carbide’s variable helix end mills feature unique helix designs that make them ideal for high-speed milling. When standard end mills are run at high speeds, they begin to oscillate naturally. This can cause them to shake and create a loud noise, colloquially known as chatter. Variable helix end mills address this issue by creating irregular spacing between the cutting edges of the flutes.

A standard four flute end mill has equal spacing between each flute’s cutting edge. This means that as the flute contacts the workpiece, the time between cuts is uniform. Because of this, each strike adds to the oscillation of the end mill and increases the chatter. The irregular spacing of Online Carbide’s variable flute end mills means that the timing between each flute’s cutting edge contacting the workpiece is different due to the flute angles, not all being an even 90 degrees. This tiny difference helps to prevent the regular oscillation that causes chatter.

Because of their reduced chatter, these variable end mills can be run at higher feed rates without sacrificing efficiency. These end mills offer the same chip evacuation as standard fluted end mills but they are able to run faster and offer a superior removal rate. The variable end mills from Online Carbide are available in the following sizes:

  •  1/8” 4 Flute Variable Helix End Mill
  •  3/16” 4 Flute Variable Helix End Mill
  •  1/4” 4 Flute Variable Helix End Mill
  •  5/16” 4 Flute Variable Helix End Mill
  •  3/8” 4 Flute Variable Helix End Mill
  •  1/2” 4 Flute Variable Helix End Mill
  •  5/8” 4 Flute Variable Helix End Mill
  •  3/4” 4 Flute Variable Helix End Mill

Each of Online Carbide’s variable end mills features a coating of titanium aluminum nitride. This tool coating helps to insulate your end mills from the heat produced under high-speed milling conditions. When exposed to high heat, the coating creates a layer of non-thermally conductive aluminum oxide that helps to deflect heat away from the end mill and into the chips. This allows you to run at higher speeds without sacrificing tool life.

If you are having issues with tool chatter slowing down your machining, visit Online Carbide today. Their variable cutting tools can help you machine parts faster without having to deal with loud chatter. If you have any questions about these amazing end mills or any of Online Carbide’s other end mills, you can call them between 8am to 5pm CST at 630-238-1424 or email them at [email protected].

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