Ayke Ezeani
by on October 8, 2019

Ayke: Welcome MegTee

MegTee: Thanks

Ayke: What informed your stage logo and name?

MegTee: My Childhood bestfriend used to call me megamind, a character from an animation movie. I took the meg and because my name is Thandolwethu so I took the “T” and combined them together. “MegTee”


Ayke: When and how did your musical career begin?

MegTee: It was 4 years ago when I took my craft serious

Ayke: When you felt the idea of yours is coming together who was the first artist that you linked yourself with?

MegTee: Black Jesus an artist from Mpumalanga

Ayke: At what time in your life did you feel the time was right for you to start your musical career professionally? 

MegTee: 2016

Ayke: How did you build musical contacts and who was your first call?

MegTee: I like to record in different studios so I can meet with other great musicians, Timeless Sounds Music was my contacts when I started doing networking in the industry.


Ayke: Were you playing any musical instrument prior to becoming a full musical act?

MegTee: No

Ayke: Do you have any Publishing, T.V/Film relationships that helps you to take your musical products and artistry further?

MegTee: Not yet

Ayke: Maintaining a successful career takes a lot of work and commitment, how much time do you dedicate towards making sure your career got to this level?

MegTee: I spend all my time in the studio, even if I’m not the one recording I always help other artist with their crafts

Ayke: Where do you wanna see yourself in the next five years?

MegTee: Top of everything


Ayke: If you were to hands off your musical production, who is that musical producer you will allow handling your album solely?

MegTee: The talented Gemini Major

Ayke: What is distinctive about your music making skills?

MegTee: I speak my soul

Ayke: In your career path, have you ever had to relocate in order to gain more exposure, if so from where to where?

MegTee: Last year I moved from Durban to Johannesburg

Ayke: What would be your humble request from anybody who will want to assist you in your career?

MegTee: If we haven’t met yet I can’t ask you for assistance, but if I like what you stand for then we can work but the relationship has to come naturally.


Ayke: Can you please share your advice with young talents who want to come into music?

MegTee: Don’t let anybody tell you can’t do it just focus on your grind, give yourself time to grow through your music and make sure what you say on your lyrics is what you really about.

Ayke: If you are not doing music, what is there for fun?

MegTee: I’m also a graphic designer, so all I do is design, design, designs


Ayke: How many albums of yours are in the shops and on music streaming platforms?

MegTee: I haven’t sold a copy of my music yet. But I got two Mixtapes on Audiomack

Ayke: I hope you will sign-up and upload your sounds and videos on RadioVybe.com?

MegTee: Yes, I’ve already signed up and I’ll upload some music no doubt


Ayke: Finally, Secrets! secrets! (laughs) your fans said I should ask you if there is a romance going on in your life right now? (Pls ignore, if you don't want to answer)

MegTee: LOL!!! Yeah I got a girl but I won’t mention the name, I met her in 2014. She from Port Shepstone, Kwa-Zulu Natal.



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