Publish Date: June 8, 2021

Are you in search for reliable medium to know how to create PDF file from EML file along with attachments? Don’t worry this blog provides complete guide to create PDF from batch EML files. Here we explains detailed tutorial for saving EML emails in PDF. The blog explains 3 different approaches of saving EML files in PDF. Let’s start with the free manual approach!

Manual Method to Export EML Files in PDF

There are various manual approaches through which users can create PDF file form EML file. In this section, we explain 2 manual approaches to export EML to PDF. Let’s start!

Method 1: Export EML Files to PDF Format via Word

In this method, we shows export of EML files in PDF format with the help of Microsoft Word. The method is divided in 2 phases. In first phase, you need to convert EML into HTML format and in second phase export of HTML files in PDF need to be done with the help of Word document.

Change EML to HTML File Format

Step 1: First select the EML file and right click on it.

Step 2: Then you need to replace the name of file from .eml extension to .mht extension.

Step 3: A Pop-up open that ask you to whether you need to the save the changes or not. Click on Yes button.

Step 4: Now open the .mht file via internet explorer.

Step 5: Now save the .mht file by pressing short cut key Ctrl + S. Here you can change the file type as HTML in Save as type.

Step 6: Your selected EML file successfully saved in HTML format.

Save HTML File in PDF Format

Step 1: Select the HTML file and right click on the selected file.

Step 2: Now choose Open with>> MS word.

Step 3: Now go to File option and hit Save As button.

Step 4: In Save as Wizard, choose suitable location to save PDF file and fill required name in File name option. Finally select PDF in Save as type and click on Save button.

Method 2: Export EML Files to PDF via Thunderbird

Import EML in Thunderbird

Step 1: Start Thunderbird application and login to your account.

Step 2: Now create a folder in Thunderbird and rename it.

Step 3: Drag the EML files and drop them in newly created folder of Mozilla Thunderbird.

Export Thunderbird Files to PDF

Step 1: In Thunderbird, select the EML folder you have created in previous section.

Step 2: Go to Tool option in the menu bar and select Import/Export Tools.

Step 3: Now click on “Export all messages in the folder” option.

Step 4: Next in the drop down menu choose PDF option.

Step 5: Once you select the PDF option, an alert message opens with the following information “If you export in this format, the attachment is not saved. If you want to save the attachments also, choose a different format”.

Step 6: Click on Ok button to give permission for Thunderbird to PDF conversion.

Direct Method to Convert EML to PDF

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