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Our expert team is trying to find every other problem that you simply can face regarding your printer like if you note that your printer not printing straight lines. this is often how we are concerned about the possible problems with the merchandise . We believe that if you recognize the causes to the why is my printer not printing problem, then you'll know to work out the answer . Hence, here lies the causes which may mostly be found together with your printer:A filthy printhead: you want to clean the printhead on a daily basis. you'll open the printer’s menu to settle on the “Clear Printhead” option. this is often a neater step because the option is out there on the printers. In case, you don’t find the choice , you'll manually clean the printhead with water and cotton.
Printer alignment issue: When the printer isn't properly aligned, then such a problem may arise. Well, in such cases, you'll correct this via Calibrate Printer option. you only got to locate the choice to stop printer streaking. aside from that, you'll also rectify it yourself. you've got to follow the instructions as mentioned within the manual.

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