Organization's Strategic Plan The strategic goal of any organization should comply with its particular level. It can be achieved through the creation of a detailed implementation plan, which will help the company to follow its vision, mission, and values. ABC Education Group, Inc. is an educational facility that is privately owned and has a considerable number of employees. The strategic plan will ensure that all staff members are educated on their role and actions they need to undertake for the success of the company. Communication is essential in developing an implementation plan since due to the broad disbursement of employees within ABC Education Group across the world, there is a need to ensure that the communication system is comprehensive and no employee is left behind. It will create synergy within the organization and ensure that all employees are working to achieve a common goal. Effective change and risk management strategies with the strategic plan should ensure that there is continuity in the enrollment of students and their retention for the sustainability of the business institution and revenue generation for efficiency improvement, because it is important for the organization to make profits to allow its operations. Strategic Plan Employees of the company will be assigned duties that they will need to perform, which will be crucial towards innovation and technological advancement. It will ensure that they are committed towards the course. Employees will have to suggest what to be done to ensure that the ABC Education system is different and students are getting unique services as compared to those offered by competitors in the sector. A deadline for achieving the strategic plan will be set to ensure that no time is wasted and that the program is completed as planned. The end of 2017 will be a stipulated fiscal year, and the plan will be split into smaller sections that will need to be achieved by the set deadline for each department, which will be headed by the departmental head. The company intends to have a new curriculum and a revised program of education before the end of 2017, which will ensure that more diverse clients will be attracted to the training facility. Effective Change Management Strategies Organizational changes cannot be avoided since the customer base of the center is expected to grow, and clients demands keep changing . Middle managers of the company ought to support the leadership for any strategic initiative to be successful. It is necessary to monitor the progress of the management. Strategic objectives must be achieved within the specified time, and decision-makers should bear accountability for any decision that they make. Decisions must be made within specified time limits, and every individual in the company should think long-term what the company wants to achieve. It will be paramount for directors to ensure that they review the performance of the team steering the whole process. In the environment where operations are altered, managers of various departments will be updated of their functions and different roles that they need to undertake for process progress. Forecasting Impending Risks in the Organization Since ABC Education Group invests in the differentiation of the entire education system and innovation, the cost of operations may increase due to the introduction of a new curriculum and innovation at the end of the fiscal year 2017. However, the generation of more revenue may start streaming faster, and shareholders shares in the company will grow. Risks can be identified through brainstorming groups, interviews, surveys, SWOT analysis, and looking into the past accident reports of the facility. Risk Management and Contingency Plans Risks are analyzed after being identified, and any probability and effects of such risks are to be measured to project the extent that is expected in the project . The main risk for this strategic plan is that clients may not react well to the innovation and the change in the curriculum by the company because of competition in the industry, depending on what competitors offer. Since ABC Education does not offer college and university studies, there may be more alternatives to the institution. The risk can be alleviated by ensuring that product testing is conducted, and risk mitigation enables to prevent the innovation from being viewed negatively by students. Another risk that ABC Education Group may face is the school losing financial aid eligibility, which may lead to the loss of revenue and change the strategic plan. It can be prevented by ensuring that auditors conduct monitoring and evaluation to ensure that there is compliance with the federal state loan regulation and that there are no chances of being penalized by education regulators . This risk can be reduced further by ensuring that most students can pay for their tuition without necessarily depending on federal state loans. Conclusion ABC Education Group, Inc. should ensure that all plans are reviewed and updated to anticipate possible risks. A plan evaluation after the risk has happened is necessary to ensure that the risk is handled in the proper way and any adjustments are made. The decision of the board of directors and continuous monitoring are crucial for the success of the strategic plan of the company. Customers should be informed of any improvements or changes that are going to take place to avoid resistance. Risks should be handled with care, and a clear contingency program should be designed to enhance successful strategic plan implementation. This article was written by Jeff Kip . More my works you can see here essays lab
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From Treatment to Prevention Disease-oriented health care system is not the best way to fight illnesses because human organism is an integral system; due to this, there are no disorders that leave untouched the rest of human body (except the organ affected by the disease). Medical aid helps, but sometimes treatment is forceless, or the disease appears continually (Disease, n.d.). Therefore, health care oriented on wellness and prevention comes to the rescue. Healthcare reform in medical system needs to provide the complex of measures aimed at preventing disease and (or) eliminating its risk factors. The society needs a set of measures aimed at preventing the development of diseases in contrast to treating them. While health grasps various physical and mental conditions, illnesses and disabilities are shaped by environmental factors, genetic predisposition, pathogenic agents, and lifestyle. Health, illness, and disability are dynamic processes developing earlier than individuals understand they are affected. Healthcare reform needs to focus healthcare system on actions of precaution instead of being disease-oriented. Nursing plays an important role in the way people transform from relying on medical help when disease has already appeared to developing more conscious and responsible attitude towards their own health and body resorting to prevention measures (Preventive, n.d.). Nursing is the bridge between disease-oriented health care system and new dimension of medical help aiming at disease and its symptoms prevention. Nurses should lead the way and train people to take care of themselves. Nurses can be given additional qualification of instructors of particular kinds of physical exercises. However, it is big job that needs a good deal of time. It is not enough to improve medical system approaches to diseases that already appeared. Preventative measures present an essential component of healthcare system aimed at shaping population's medico-social activity and motivation for healthy lifestyle. Nursing plays one of the key roles in changing medical system's focus from disease treatment to prevention measures. This article was written by Alik Saia. More my works you can see here
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Hollywood Renaissance
Hollywood Renaissance The period between the late 1960s and late 1970s is considered as a time of Hollywood Renaissance. Its beginning was marked by the appearance and success of such movies as Bonny and Clyde, The Graduate, and Easy Rider. In my opinion, the article The Hollywood Renaissance characterizes this period as a new epoch in the history of Hollywood. I think that Hollywood Renaissance is presented in this article with consideration to social, industrial, and formal aspects. In particular, its social aspect is mainly connected with such events as protests against the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, and the feminist movement. Later, the period was related to the Watergate scandal and oil crisis. In my opinion, these events posed a considerable influence on the movie plots as the main ideas the films conveyed consisted in showing youthful alienation and rebellion, the celebration of counterculture and cynicism, and the recognition of dark forces that threaten the ideals of social movements. Moreover, I would like to emphasize on the industrial context of Hollywood Renaissance as it included joint work of industrial factors and stylistic experiments. Thus, in 1960s, Hollywood became open for innovations in ideas and approaches. Hollywood tried to respond to the demands of different types of audience, including the orientation towards the adult market. In my point of view, in formal aspect, Hollywood completely changed its style by showing the world according to particular assumptions with their social, political or ideological implications. Classical Hollywood style transformed into a serious and radically potential one. Furthermore, there were changes in the technique, such as the use of lyrical interludes, telegraphic and disorienting sequence, slow motion in violent sequences, and freeze-frame endings. Having read and analyzed the given article, it is important to conclude that Hollywood Renaissance was an important period in the history of American cinematography. Developing against the background of hard times in the American history involving social movements, race riots, and political scandals, Hollywood became an important exponent of new trends in the traditional way of thinking. It started showing new features of the changing world, which was connected with the alterations in social, industrial, and formal aspects of the cinema. The article was composed and written by professional writer Lola Nickson, more her papers you can find at paper-land discussion board help.  
How to Move Thunderbird Email Files into Office 365 and Outlook?
There are variety of email platforms present in the online market. The organization choose email client according to their suitability, purpose and budget. However with the ongoing time, the need to switch email client may arises anytime because of business growth and some other uncertain reasons. Let me take an example of one of the most popular email conversion nowadays. Thunderbird is an open source email application of Mozilla which is ideal for small businesses or personal emailing purpose. But with the growing need of organization a company using Thunderbird as a default email client might want to switch database to more sophisticated application like Office 365 and Outlook.  When we talk about email migration the only thought come across in our mind is how to switch Database from one platform to another without losing any file. Also switching of database requires lots of planning and a good amount of investment. Moreover when the quantity of database is large then the process of conversion become more complex and there might be chances of error and corruption of file. Thus it is necessary to ensure that the medium you are using for conversion is trustworthy and risk-free for completing the conversion in most accurate way.  The blog post shows you how to move Thunderbird email files into Office 365 and Outlook in simplest way. To know complete tutorial, read the blog till end and follow the instructions carefully.  Simple Way to Move Thunderbird Data to Office 365 and Outlook When we plan for email migration then various free manual approaches comes in our mind. However expert does not recommend manual methods for bulk export Thunderbird data to Outlook and Office 365 account because of security and data loss concern. Thunderbird converter is a professionally designed tool specialized in migrating unlimited database from Thunderbird account to Office 365 / Outlook environment. Thunderbird to Outlook Converter provides 100% guaranteed outcomes with pocket friendly rate. There is no need to install Thunderbird application in your system to perform the conversion process. You need little or no technical expertise to handle this tool. The software is programmed with variety of features and enhanced functions. Let's have a look on few amazing features of Thunderbird converter! The software complete Thunderbird file migration to Office 365 / Outlook in just few minutes. It allows to export complete Thunderbird profile data in just one go. Filter option is available for users convenience. You can choose any suitable filter for selective Thunderbird migration to Outlook and Office 365. The tool maintains mail properties throughout the conversion process. It also keep hierarchy of files and folder intact.  It is a complete mailbox solution that allows to export emails, contact, calendar and attachments in precise form.  The software ask for choosing any desirable location to save converted files for easy management of data after conversion. Final Words Exporting database is a complicated task for those users who are not familiar with the technicalities.  That is why manual approaches are not successful for providing accurate and easy solution of how to move Thunderbird email files into Office 365 and Outlook account. In this blog, we have discussed about automated way that support to move Thunderbird email directly to both the Office 365 and Outlook account. If you want more clarity then utilize demo edition of Thunderbird Converter. The demo edition provides guide to export batch Thunderbird to Office 365 / Outlook account. You will also get free migration of first 20 Thunderbird emails into to any desirable file format.
Outline – We come across various users' queries that want to know how to import Thunderbird mail into Outlook application. We understood the requirement and brought the simple and straightforward method along with the manual method. Choose the method that you find suitable. Keep reading to learn more. A large number of users are searching for the best way to export Thunderbird to Outlook 2016 and 2019. Email is the most commonly used method of professional communication in today's online world, and Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular email app with lots of features. The number of Thunderbird to Outlook exports is growing every day for a variety of reasons. Thunderbird needs users to install all of the extra features, which is very detailed. Nevertheless, Business dynamics, on the other hand, favor Microsoft Outlook because of its user-friendly features. It is simple to install on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS and offers a variety of features such as Contacts, Journals, Tasks, Calendars, and Events. Convert Thunderbird (MBOX) to Outlook (PST) Users can choose between manual methods and professional file format converter applications to export Thunderbird to Outlook. The manual approach necessitates technical knowledge and has certain drawbacks, while the professional method makes processing easy. Let's have a look at them: Why Manual Method is not recommended? When exporting Thunderbird to Outlook in bulk, the manual approaches are ineffective. Data manipulation is still a possibility. The data hierarchy is not maintained. You can't export orphaned or lost emails from Thunderbird to Outlook using the manual process. These approaches are time-consuming and complex; non-technical consumers can avoid them. Professional Method to convert Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST format MBOX to PST Converter Software is a popular app that works efficiently and seamlessly to export Thunderbird to Outlook. Many user-friendly features are available when exporting Thunderbird to Outlook 2016, 2019, as follows: Batch converts several MBOX files to PST. Support for MBOX files in more than 20 email clients. Allow for the creation of a single PST file containing all MBOX files. For each MBOX file, you can build a separate PST. Maintain folder structure and data uniformity. To break huge output PST files, use the Split PST option. Create a UNICODE PST file that can be imported into Outlook 2019 and earlier versions. Step-by-step to Export MBOX files to PST format Step 1. Open Convert MBOX to PST Software by DataHelp on your machine. Step 2. – In the program, you have two choices for adding MBOX files – 1 – Drag and Drop: Add MBOX files, just drag and drop them into the software column. 2 – Select Files Step 3. Select the files you want to convert and then press Open. Step 4. If you are satisfied with the selection of MBOX files, then click on the Convert button. Step 5. If you need to generate a single PST file from several MBOX files, the MBOX to PST tool has a feature that allows you to combine multiple MBOX files into a single output PST file. To use this feature, search the Create single (.pst) file box. Pick the destination location and assign the file a name before clicking the Save button. After that, choose the OK button.     Step 6. MBOX to PST Converter Software exported files successfully and displayed the message Exporting Completed Successfully. Click the OK button.     Import Thunderbird Mail into Outlook application Once you have completed the MBOX to PST conversion process. Now you just need to import the converted PST files into Outlook. Launch the Outlook and click on the File option. Go to the Open & Export option then choose the import /export option. A prompt will open, choose import from another program or file option from the list. Click on the Next button.  In the next prompt choose the recently generated PST file and click on the Next button. Choose the browse button and select the PST file and click on the duplicated option as per your requirement. Click on the Next button after that. Select the folder where you have stored the recently generated MBOX files. Click on the Finish button. Wrapping up: As a result of this post, we now know that how to import Thunderbird mail into Outlook. The specialized tool MBOX to PST Converter, encourages many user-oriented functions, while manual approaches have drawbacks. The software allows you to export Thunderbird to Outlook in a simple and precise manner.   FAQ regarding this query Question: - Is it necessary to install Outlook to convert MBOX to PST? Answer: - No, you don't need to install Outlook to transform an MBOX file to a PST file. MBOX to PST converter is a stand-alone program that allows you to transform files without having to install or configure any additional applications. Question: - Is it possible to export only selected files from a folder with this converter? Answer: - Indeed, you can use this MBOX to PST converter tool to export only selected MBOX files or mailbox folders.   Question: - How do I convert several MBOX files to PST? Answer: - The MBOX to PST Converter program allows you to transform several MBOX files into a single PST file, like Inbox, Sent, Junk, and other mailboxes. To merge all MBOX files into a single Outlook PST file, search the "Create Single (.pst) File" feature. The software will then merge all MBOX files into a single Outlook PST file.
How to Access Roundcube Webmail to Outlook 2010?
Are you seeking a solution for how to change Roundcube webmail emails in Outlook? If your reply is yes for this, then this segment will help you a lot in a proper way. We are here to lead you thoroughly on how to access Roundcube webmail to Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003 etc. using the finest solution i.e. CubexSoft Roundcube Backup Tool. Before starting the process to change Roundcube webmail emails in Outlook, first, let’s know about Roundcube Webmail Application. Roundcube is a web-based email application that is designed to run on normal web servers like Lightspeed, Apache, Hiawatha, Lighttpd, Nginx and many more. Roundcube email app also manages contacts, emails, calendars etc. It gives multiple functionalities which user expects from any email client application including folder manipulation, spell checking, MIME support, address book, three column mailbox view, message searching any more. Why Users Want to Access Roundcube Webmail to Outlook? In many situations, users need to export Roundcube webmail to Outlook to fulfill their wish. Because, Outlook gives various functionalities to their users like simply manage notes, emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, journals etc. So, the most important disadvantage of this Roundcube email application is a dependency on the internet. The users are unable to access email information without an internet connection. But this problem is easily overcome by Microsoft Outlook, it saves mailbox items online and offline mode. Due to all these problems, various users want to access Roundcube Webmail to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and all its below versions. Roundcube to Outlook Tool to Change Roundcube Webmail Emails in Outlook The Roundcube to Outlook Tool is an amazing and complete solution that is user-friendly, simple and equipped with advance working so that any technical or non-technical user can use the program to smartly solve the query of how to access Roundcube Webmail to Outlook 2010. Download the freeware edition of the software and know the complete process on how to change Roundcube webmail emails in Outlook PST format. How to Change Roundcube Webmail Emails in Outlook? – With Roundcube Mail Backup Tool Step1: Install & run Roundcube to Outlook Tool on Windows PC. Step2: Select Rouncube option from the Email Source List and provide Login Information of the Roundcube Webmail account and tick on Login. Step3: Program Connect to Roundcube Account and list all related Items in hierarchical structure on left panel. Step4: Press on Drop-Down Arrow equipped with Select Saving Options and select PST from the list. Step5: Then, apply Advance Filters and hit on Backup tab to start Roundcube to PST conversion process. Step6: When it completes, a message will appear on the screen “Conversion Completed Successfully” Prominent Features of Roundcube to Outlook Tool The Roundcube Email Backup Tool is capable to export single as well as multiple Roundcube webmail accounts in single processing, without any data loss or changes. Retains all email attributes and Meta information during the conversion task. It also allows users to export selected Roundcube folders to PST format without any trouble. Filters like as to, from, subject and date range is offered to change specific Roundcube account emails. Allows to set destination path as per need for trouble-free accessibility of output files. The Roundcube to PST Tool supports all the newest and earliest versions of Microsoft Outlook like Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003 etc. Outlook installation is not necessary to access Roundcube webmail to Outlook. Supports user-friendly environment for easy conversion.                                                                Bottom Lines In this segment, we have discussed the step-by-step procedure to access Roundcube webmail to Outlook 2010 with attachments. Now, you can easily change Roundcube webmail emails in Outlook PST format and save the resulting file at the desired place. The tool is user-friendly and allows you to export emails from Roundcube to Outlook without any technical assistance. So, download the program and start importing Roundcube emails into PST format directly. Also, you can use the free demo key of Roundcube Backup Tool which allows to change first 20 emails free of cost.
 Are you using Outlook or having a PST file and need to import the .pst file to your Office 365 account? Then you are on the right platform to solve how to import PST File to Office 365 Mailbox query. This blog is created to clear users’ problems regarding Outlook to Office 365 migration. Although, users can import PST files in Office 365 account manually But it is very lengthy & not a safe migration solution so we will describe a manual & an alternative solution in this blog, so stay on this blog till the end and grab the opportunity to find out the exact solution. How to Import PST File to Office 365 Mailbox Manually (Drive Shipping) Although, Outlook & Office 365 are provided by Microsoft Team O365 has no option to import PST files directly. But the Drive Shipping is the way of importing PST file into the O365 account by saving the PST file on the hard drive & shipping the drive to Microsoft Service Center. As it received, Microsoft Representative will import PST file to Office 365 account. Now, make sure that you should have to follow the given points before the shipping drive process – You must have DHL & FedEx account. The user must be offered a given folder import-export rule to import .pst into the O365 account. The saving time must be saved as unlimited frames. The hard Disk of the PST file should be BitLocker encrypted & 6TB or less in size. Now follow the given Steps – Step 1. Download Import Tool (for that go to Step 2. Copy PST file in Hard Drive. Step 3. Generate PST CSV file & import Mapping. Step 4. Create PST Import Job Step 5. Ship Hard Drive.   If you want to know in detail then follow the web URL -   Drawbacks of the Manual Method The above-mentioned process can transfer PST files in Office 365 but it has some limitations which you should know before following it.   It is a very lengthy process. Non-technical users cannot follow the above-given process. It is not useful for large PST files. Any missed step can corrupt your data file of Outlook. How to Import PST File to Office 365 Mailbox Proficiently If you don’t want to follow the above mentioned manual method to upload PST file in Outlook 365 and need an urgent solution which can instantly export Outlook data into Office 365 then you can go with Outlook Migration Tool that is an amazing utility and works with perfect migration processing. It supports Add Files/ Folder option to import PST files into Office 365 directly and also has the Load Outlook Profile... option to directly export Outlook (configured) data into Office 365 without manual selection. It also supports the ‘I am admin’ option to provide a facility for multiple PST files into other user profiles of the Office 365 admin account. It not only export Outlook files even also maintains all properties of data files – mails content, metadata, formatting, attachments, images, unread status, hyperlinks, etc. So you can get complete data file migration from Outlook into Office 365. For users’ convenience, it has a change language option that helps to transfer PST files to Office 365 in another supportive language. Therefore, you can perfectly solve your how to import .pst file into your Office 365 account problem within few minutes. Still, have doubt or any query regarding working performance then you can get a free trial test with 25 emails from each selected PST file into Office 365 without any cost. Thus, you can check both the above solutions and then decide to go for complete data migration.
Both Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook applications are the best email applications. PST is the primary file format of MS Outlook, whereas, the Mozilla Thunderbird application can save its data in MBOX file format. On various discussions, MS Outlook is more active and famous than Mozilla Thunderbird for a corporate body. Mozilla Thunderbird is free for all users, but with this, you cannot manage your business email inflow and outflow. MS Outlook can be accessed from Windows as well as MAC Operating Systems. This email application support IMAP, POP, SMTP protocols. With the MS Outlook application your email security is more preferred than the Mozilla Thunderbird app. Scheduling of email messages can be done in the MS Outlook application and you are able to use the account of MS Outlook application with multiple devices. To utilize features of the MS Outlook application you need to convert perform the process for Thunderbird export MBOX format to PST files. And for this, you need to utilize the CubexSoft MBOX to PST Converter utility. Convert Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST – Step by Step This method to save Thunderbird emails to Outlook PST can be followed by the following steps: Step 1: Export MBOX from Mozilla Thunderbird Start your Mozilla Thunderbird account and go with the bar icon from the right side of the screen and now select the Add-on option from the menu. Click on the up & coming tab from the pop up screen. Now download and install the Import/Export plugin. Right-click on the email selected for the process and choose the Export Folder option. Choose that folder where all your .mbox data will be stored on your computer system. Now, create the extension of all exported data as .mbox. After this procedure, you can perform Thunderbird export MBOX format to PST through the utilization of the automated software. Step 2. Thunderbird export MBOX format to PST with MBOX to PST tool Open the MBOX to Outlook PST Converter Add Files option will let you choose the all MBOX email data which you want to convert Select Saving Option (.pst) by the utilization of the Export tab. Select all required options like filtration options, destination saving option, etc. Click on the Convert tab to start the Thunderbird MBOX file conversion process After this complete step by step guide, you can load all your converted Thunderbird MBOX emails into MS Outlook application directly. Free Export Thunderbird MBOX to PST Files Through the utilization of the demo edition of the software, you can export the first 25 MBOX email files into PST file format for free. This free edition will also help to understand and view the steps of this perfect software. This version allows users to convert MBOX files so that every user can check the relevancy of this software. Final Suggestion to Export Thunderbird to Outlook This procedure is simple and can be utilized by all users including non-technical users. You can follow the procedure of this advanced software on any Windows OS including Windows 10. So, it is suggested to all readers to download its free edition and utilize its features to get a complete overview of its processing steps. Export Thunderbird MBOX Mailboxes in Other File Formats With the use of MBOX Format Conversion software, you can easily get your MBOX email files into multiple file formats like PST, PDF, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, etc. So, if you want to view all your MBOX email database into various technical file formats, then utilize this software. With this, you can easily understand the procedure of this software as it contains all required and related options with a user-oriented view.
In this blog post we are going to explain the expert solution for how to open Windows Live Mail files in Outlook. So read this blog post till end. In this time, there are multiple of email services available in the digital market. And some email client services also available that are dependent on Operating system which makes their stay a bit difficult. Let's look at an example, suppose you want to export and import all Windows Live Mail files in Outlook PST, but this conversion task is would be a bit tricky and quite complicated. So, we are going to make this process easy using Windows Live Mail Converter. Firstly, we would like to share a few below-mentioned users’ queries asking for quick solution to perform such conversion process. User query I am Albert, and I have lot of WLM data in my computer. Now I want to save all my WLM files and emails into Outlook PST file format with attachments. But I don’t know exact process. So I request you to share any solution or any software with me. I want to know how to open Windows Live Mail files in Outlook PST with bulk email migration and without any technical assistance. Can this technique is possible with any reliable software? If so, please let me know so that I can export all my Windows Live Mail files into Outlook as soon as possible.   Now, follow the next section of the blog that has discussed the accurate solution that includes third party software to effortlessly export all Windows Live Mail into Outlook without data loss. How to Open Windows Live Mail Files in Outlook Instantly with Automatic Solution  Windows Live Mail to PST Converter is advance and brilliant software, it is specially designed to export bulk Windows Live Mail to Outlook within single processing. This conversion tool permit users to save emails Windows Live Mail to Outlook with attachments hyperlinks, images, contacts, email properties, and etc. And the software fully supports simple and easy interface, anyone can simply operate without any professional expertise help. The Windows Live Mail to Outlook Converter has no file size limitations so users can easily move WLM files into PST without any trouble. It can also support filters section and file naming option to change desired Windows Live Mail to Outlook without any extra efforts. You can also utilize this software with all edition of Windows Operating System as well as this utility is totally windows based and it can run on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and other more editions. Complete Working Structure of Windows Live Mail to PST Converter - step by step guide Step 1: Download CubexSoft Windows Live Mail to Outlook Converter. Step 2: Choose any one option “Convert Configured Windows Live Mail Profile” or “Convert Separately Saved Windows Live Mail Mailboxes” and click Next Step 3: The list of WLM folders will appear alongwith their respective checkboxes. Choose the required folders and click on Next Step 4:  Now choose PST as output option. Set required filters and choose destination location and click on Convert button Step5: The software will now start the conversion process and completes with the message “Process completed successfully”. Now,  all your Windows Live Mail files are successfully imported to Outlook Install Free Demo Version Here we have completely explained one of the best software, i.e., Windows Live Mail Converter. We hope after reading the blog post, you are capable of exporting Windows Live Mail to PST with attachments. And also there is free demo version available, try and convert first 25 Windows Live Mail emails into PST Outlook without any extra charges. And then decide to get access to license edition of this expert software. 
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