Mawalking Radio
About Us Broadcasting 24/7 with specialized shows every day of the week. Our vision is to positively transform media content distribution in emerging markets with a particular initial focus on digital broadcasting / distributing of Afro-Caribbean and local music. We hope to achieve this by providing a platform for upcoming Producers, Artists and Disc Jockeys that Premiers, Promotes and Introduces their content while on the other hand ensuring we meet the needs of music lovers by allowing them to listen to, share and manage music within user friendly and cost effective mobile & web based platforms. You will hear an array of genres like Afro Zouk, Kizomba, Coupe Decale, Azonto, Afro Beats, Genge, Kapuka, Makossa, Soukous, Ndombolo, Kuduro, Kwaito, Bongo, Soulistic music and all other forms of music we love and enjoy in Africa. Our Priorities Offer local content providers in developing nations digital distribution and broadcasting channels in order to globally. Satisfy music lovers and customers. Create social networks that connect fans and artists. Democratize content delivery and distribution for artists. Create positive, ongoing relationships with artists & fans Build local, regional and global partnerships that enable, enhance and propel our broadcasting networks in win/win scenarios. If you feel you have what it takes to be a presenter with us on (MWR) Mawalking Radio, then we would love to hear from you. You can contact us using the form on the link below, and you too could be part of the fastest growing Internet Radio Station. Click Link To Contact Us
The FreshRock radio station was created with the aim of collecting and combining the music of little-known rock performers, which is not published in huge print runs on CDs, does not play on well-known radio stations, does not go on TV and is not widely covered in the media space of urban, national and international media. However, this does not happen at all because the music of these artists is of poor quality or categorically falls under the category of "non-format" or does not correspond to the style, but only for the purpose that it does not bring any benefit to well-known radio stations, rock bands that do not pay for its promotion for the most part they do not have a producer and exist as they are, and the masses need pop music, noisy in all the irons, and club music, which has stuck in their heads after repeated listening from everywhere. Радиостанция FreshRock была создана с целью собрать и объединить музыку малоизвестных рок-исполнителей, которая не издаётся огромными тиражами на CD, не крутится на известных радиостанциях, не идёт по телеку и мало освещается в медиапросторе городских, общенациональных и международных СМИ. Однако, это происходит вовсе не потому, что музыка этих исполнителей некачественная или категорически попадает под разряд "неформат" или не соответствует стилю, а лишь с той целью, что не несёт никакой выгоды известным радиостанциям, за её раскрутку не платят рок-коллективы, которые в большинстве своём не имеют продюсера и существуют как есть, а массы нуждаются в шумящей во всех утюгах попсе и клубной музыке, которая заела у них в головах после многократного прослушивания отовсюду.