Founded in 1999,we mainly manufacture thermoplastic perforated sheet, which is the thermoplastic splint widely used in Orthopedic and the essential part of Radiotherapy Position systems. Many people know about Aquaplast and Orthoplast, or brands such as Roylan, Ezeform, qfix..., however, we are the real manufacture of these products, the real manufacture behind of main providers in the market all over the world in past 20 years without being known. Until now the contraction is expired and we could accept orders by OEM.


 Ordering these expendable directly from a factory like us is economical. We will supply, definitely, the same products with the same quality and more attractive price.


· Strong support as a brace in Rhinoplasty/Nasal Surgery

· Reliable and steady fixer in radiotherapy

· Effective protective shell to fire injured skin

· Easy reshape under moderate temperature(149℉/65℃) and turn to hard in minutes

· Variable color and variable micro-perforation design, attractive and breathable.

· Sticky or anti-sticky with coating, rich in size, thickness... All for convenience to your work.

Our products are widely used in Orthopedic, Radiotherapy, and Rhinoplasty. Here you can also find splints for other applications, such as teeth splint or in other words teeth care.

There is more information about thermoplastic splint and Radiotherapy position masks coming soon.