Hollywood Renaissance
Hollywood Renaissance The period between the late 1960s and late 1970s is considered as a time of Hollywood Renaissance. Its beginning was marked by the appearance and success of such movies as Bonny and Clyde, The Graduate, and Easy Rider. In my opinion, the article The Hollywood Renaissance characterizes this period as a new epoch in the history of Hollywood. I think that Hollywood Renaissance is presented in this article with consideration to social, industrial, and formal aspects. In particular, its social aspect is mainly connected with such events as protests against the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, and the feminist movement. Later, the period was related to the Watergate scandal and oil crisis. In my opinion, these events posed a considerable influence on the movie plots as the main ideas the films conveyed consisted in showing youthful alienation and rebellion, the celebration of counterculture and cynicism, and the recognition of dark forces that threaten the ideals of social movements. Moreover, I would like to emphasize on the industrial context of Hollywood Renaissance as it included joint work of industrial factors and stylistic experiments. Thus, in 1960s, Hollywood became open for innovations in ideas and approaches. Hollywood tried to respond to the demands of different types of audience, including the orientation towards the adult market. In my point of view, in formal aspect, Hollywood completely changed its style by showing the world according to particular assumptions with their social, political or ideological implications. Classical Hollywood style transformed into a serious and radically potential one. Furthermore, there were changes in the technique, such as the use of lyrical interludes, telegraphic and disorienting sequence, slow motion in violent sequences, and freeze-frame endings. Having read and analyzed the given article, it is important to conclude that Hollywood Renaissance was an important period in the history of American cinematography. Developing against the background of hard times in the American history involving social movements, race riots, and political scandals, Hollywood became an important exponent of new trends in the traditional way of thinking. It started showing new features of the changing world, which was connected with the alterations in social, industrial, and formal aspects of the cinema. The article was composed and written by professional writer Lola Nickson, more her papers you can find at paper-land discussion board help.  
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