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Organization's Strategic Plan The strategic goal of any organization should comply with its particular level. It can be achieved through the creation of a detailed implementation plan, which will help the company to follow its vision, mission, and values. ABC Education Group, Inc. is an educational facility that is privately owned and has a considerable number of employees. The strategic plan will ensure that all staff members are educated on their role and actions they need to undertake for the success of the company. Communication is essential in developing an implementation plan since due to the broad disbursement of employees within ABC Education Group across the world, there is a need to ensure that the communication system is comprehensive and no employee is left behind. It will create synergy within the organization and ensure that all employees are working to achieve a common goal. Effective change and risk management strategies with the strategic plan should ensure that there is continuity in the enrollment of students and their retention for the sustainability of the business institution and revenue generation for efficiency improvement, because it is important for the organization to make profits to allow its operations. Strategic Plan Employees of the company will be assigned duties that they will need to perform, which will be crucial towards innovation and technological advancement. It will ensure that they are committed towards the course. Employees will have to suggest what to be done to ensure that the ABC Education system is different and students are getting unique services as compared to those offered by competitors in the sector. A deadline for achieving the strategic plan will be set to ensure that no time is wasted and that the program is completed as planned. The end of 2017 will be a stipulated fiscal year, and the plan will be split into smaller sections that will need to be achieved by the set deadline for each department, which will be headed by the departmental head. The company intends to have a new curriculum and a revised program of education before the end of 2017, which will ensure that more diverse clients will be attracted to the training facility. Effective Change Management Strategies Organizational changes cannot be avoided since the customer base of the center is expected to grow, and clients demands keep changing . Middle managers of the company ought to support the leadership for any strategic initiative to be successful. It is necessary to monitor the progress of the management. Strategic objectives must be achieved within the specified time, and decision-makers should bear accountability for any decision that they make. Decisions must be made within specified time limits, and every individual in the company should think long-term what the company wants to achieve. It will be paramount for directors to ensure that they review the performance of the team steering the whole process. In the environment where operations are altered, managers of various departments will be updated of their functions and different roles that they need to undertake for process progress. Forecasting Impending Risks in the Organization Since ABC Education Group invests in the differentiation of the entire education system and innovation, the cost of operations may increase due to the introduction of a new curriculum and innovation at the end of the fiscal year 2017. However, the generation of more revenue may start streaming faster, and shareholders shares in the company will grow. Risks can be identified through brainstorming groups, interviews, surveys, SWOT analysis, and looking into the past accident reports of the facility. Risk Management and Contingency Plans Risks are analyzed after being identified, and any probability and effects of such risks are to be measured to project the extent that is expected in the project . The main risk for this strategic plan is that clients may not react well to the innovation and the change in the curriculum by the company because of competition in the industry, depending on what competitors offer. Since ABC Education does not offer college and university studies, there may be more alternatives to the institution. The risk can be alleviated by ensuring that product testing is conducted, and risk mitigation enables to prevent the innovation from being viewed negatively by students. Another risk that ABC Education Group may face is the school losing financial aid eligibility, which may lead to the loss of revenue and change the strategic plan. It can be prevented by ensuring that auditors conduct monitoring and evaluation to ensure that there is compliance with the federal state loan regulation and that there are no chances of being penalized by education regulators . This risk can be reduced further by ensuring that most students can pay for their tuition without necessarily depending on federal state loans. Conclusion ABC Education Group, Inc. should ensure that all plans are reviewed and updated to anticipate possible risks. A plan evaluation after the risk has happened is necessary to ensure that the risk is handled in the proper way and any adjustments are made. The decision of the board of directors and continuous monitoring are crucial for the success of the strategic plan of the company. Customers should be informed of any improvements or changes that are going to take place to avoid resistance. Risks should be handled with care, and a clear contingency program should be designed to enhance successful strategic plan implementation. This article was written by Jeff Kip . More my works you can see here essays lab
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Manometros con certificado de calibracion. Estamos en un momento donde se requiere la utilización de determinados equipos que posibiliten la medición de la temperatura y presión de gases, un factor fundamental en algunas áreas para garantizar su seguridad, ejemplo de esto son los laboratorios, donde se manejan substancias peligrosas, por esta razón existen una serie de instrumentos que cumplen los estándares de calidad y en el momento en que charlamos de esto nos referimos de los manómetros de presión efectiva y positiva, los digitales y analógicos, que cumplen una función esencial al proveer la confiabilidad que se necesita al momento de trabajar con determinados contenedores de elementos bajo presión. Aquí en Ciudad de México tenemos especialistas en la materia quiénes están capacitados para calibrar estos aparatos mientras que se les realiza el mantenimiento estipulado por la empresa, lo que genera en el sujeto una sensación de confiabilidad al momento de laborar. No aguardes más puesto que mediante un plan que se ajuste a tu medida, te vamos a ofrecer los mejores precios del mercado, contacta por medio de nuestros teléfonos o dirígete a la oficina más cercana y pregunta sin deber.
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From Treatment to Prevention Disease-oriented health care system is not the best way to fight illnesses because human organism is an integral system; due to this, there are no disorders that leave untouched the rest of human body (except the organ affected by the disease). Medical aid helps, but sometimes treatment is forceless, or the disease appears continually (Disease, n.d.). Therefore, health care oriented on wellness and prevention comes to the rescue. Healthcare reform in medical system needs to provide the complex of measures aimed at preventing disease and (or) eliminating its risk factors. The society needs a set of measures aimed at preventing the development of diseases in contrast to treating them. While health grasps various physical and mental conditions, illnesses and disabilities are shaped by environmental factors, genetic predisposition, pathogenic agents, and lifestyle. Health, illness, and disability are dynamic processes developing earlier than individuals understand they are affected. Healthcare reform needs to focus healthcare system on actions of precaution instead of being disease-oriented. Nursing plays an important role in the way people transform from relying on medical help when disease has already appeared to developing more conscious and responsible attitude towards their own health and body resorting to prevention measures (Preventive, n.d.). Nursing is the bridge between disease-oriented health care system and new dimension of medical help aiming at disease and its symptoms prevention. Nurses should lead the way and train people to take care of themselves. Nurses can be given additional qualification of instructors of particular kinds of physical exercises. However, it is big job that needs a good deal of time. It is not enough to improve medical system approaches to diseases that already appeared. Preventative measures present an essential component of healthcare system aimed at shaping population's medico-social activity and motivation for healthy lifestyle. Nursing plays one of the key roles in changing medical system's focus from disease treatment to prevention measures. This article was written by Alik Saia. More my works you can see here
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Welcome to the internet home of Power 91, YOUR Music Variety Station. We are a multi genred station broadcasting worldwide online on Live365. Playing music from all genres and decades.
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