What Clothes Do Tourists Need to Bring to Lhasa in Four Seasons? Due to the large temperature difference between day and night in Lhasa, the dressing guide here is only a recommended reference. Tourists are also requested to add or remove clothing according to their physical fitness. In addition, it should be noted that Tibet is dry and windy in winter and spring.  Spring (Mar. - Apr.) Dressing Guide for Lhasa:  The Lhasa weather in spring is still a little bit cold as it's slightly snowy and very windy. At this time, Lhasa's winter atmosphere is still relatively strong, with an average daily temperature of about 10 degrees. How to dress in Lhasa in spring: You can choose the matching form of thermal underwear+ thick outer trousers, thick sweater + thick coat for the top, as well as thick sports shoes + thick socks. It is recommended to choose pure cotton underwear, which can effectively reduce static electricity and is comfortable to wear. Read about tibetan mens clothing Summer (May. - Aug.) Dressing Guide for Lhasa: The summer in Lhasa is very comfortable and cool, with an average daily temperature of about 25 degrees, which makes Lhasa an ideal summer resort. Although it rains at night during the rainy season, it's still sunny brightly in the daytime. Summer is also the peak season of Lhasa travel. It should be noted that the temperature in Lhasa is cool in the morning and evening in summer, so be careful not to catch a cold. How to dress in Lhasa in summer: You can choose long sleeves + thin overcoat for tops, long pants, and sports shoes. It is recommended to dress in pure cotton underwear (Tibet's climate is so dry that non-cotton underwear produces more static cling). As the sun comes out in the daytime, the outdoor temperature will be a little high and the UV rays are very strong. It is not recommended to wear short T-shirts and shorts. Please pay attention to the sunscreen. The indoor temperature during the day is very refreshing and a long sleeve is enough. In summer, there is no need for air conditioning to cool off the heat in Lhasa. Autumn(Sept. - Oct.) Dressing Guide for Lhasa: In Lhasa in autumn, the chill is gradually rising. However, the fall in Lhasa is very short, only lasting for more than two months. The temperature is similar to that in spring but drier, mainly chill in the morning and evening, and the temperature is still very comfortable during the day. The scenery of Lhasa in autumn looks gorgeous with a clear blue sky. How to dress in Lhasa in autumn: You can choose the matching form of thermal underwear + normal thick over-trousers, normal thick sweater + thick coat for your clothes, general sports shoes, and 100% pure cotton underwear. Winter (Nov. - Feb.) Dressing Guide for Lhasa: The Winter in Lhasa is long and a bit cold, but it's not as cold as you think, even warmer than most cities in northern China in winter. Lhasa has plenty of sunshine in winter. Comparing with Summer, there're fewer tourists but more peaceful and quiet. So, many tourists who like tranquillity will choose to travel to Lhasa in winter to enjoy the sunshine and warmth. How to dress in Lhasa in winter? You can choose thermal underwear + thick sweater and heavy coat (better to take down jacket) for tops, thick pants, warm shoes against the cold and cotton underwear. Tips: It's recommended to take gloves, a hat, and a scarf to keep warm.
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