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Radyomuz İnternet üzerinden yayın yapan şimdi yenilenen aslında 15.12.2014 tarihide  kurulan bir radyodur.Pop müzik ağılıklı olmak üzere değişik tarzlardaki sanatçı ve  müziklere yer verilmektedir.Belki de diğer radyolar ile aynı görünse de genelde güncelliğe  önem vermemiz ve bizi dinleyenlerin tek bir tarz üzerinde kalmasını önlemek  için değişik tarzlarda müziklere de yer verilmektedir. Dinleyenlerin isteklerine göre şekil vermeyi hedefleyen bir radyo yapısındayız. Paylaşmayı seven  yönetimi ile sizlere en iyi en yeni ve en önemlisi sizin radyonuz olabilecek bir radyodur. "Radyo Cininiz Mavi Radyo" Dileyin bizden size ne çalalım ?
Dj Karam
Italo Disco New Generation
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„MaxItalo” radio station is a hobbistic project started on 14th of April 2010 at “”. In the beginning it was project with additional thematic channels for another radio station, but differences in the development of the station were too big. Because of that Marek Krzak (alias “Max”) has created on his own a new radio station called ”Radio Max Italo”. At the end of the year 2012 the radio suspended its activities for 30 days for technical reasons related to the transfer of channels to another provider of radio servers. On 5th of June 2013 “MaxiItalo” changed its domain address from ‘pl’ to ‘com’ and was created shortcut ”RMI” from the name ”Radio Max Italo”. Also the new logo has been launched which is still in use. In the same year “MaxiItalo” radio station has acquired the Gema radio license from Germany and Krzysztof Droźdzk became a co-owner.  Throughout the Radio’s activity, various thematic channels that do not exist anymore were involved, such as Italo Disco Greatest Hits, EuroBeat, RMXFM or Jukebox.Currently “MaxItalo” radio station has 9 thematic channels, which are: Italo Disco Classic, Italo Disco New Generation, In The Mix, Italo Disco Instrumental Versions, Synth Space Music, Euro Disco, Gold Music, Beach Club Records and DiscoFox12. We work with many artist and record companies, our main partners are: Beach Club Records (Netherlands), Flash Back Records (Finland) and Pokorny Music Solutions (Germany). This is just a short summary of our online activities. Have a nice experiences, memories and good reception of “MaxiItalo”. Than you all for being with us!
Radio MaxItalo
Alex FM
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Who are we! Alex FM is one of the oldest community radio stations in Gauteng. It was established by the Alexandra Community Trust and first went on air on the 1st September 1994.  The station is celebrating it’s 21 years of existence. Alex FM is a 24/7 radio station, broadcasting in the following languages English, IsiZulu, Sepedi, Setswana, Xitsonga, Venda, Sesotho and IsiXhosa. The station broadcasts to the Greater Alexandra Community, the entire North Eastern Johannesburg and the surrounding areas. Our advantages include the fact the we are not a niche station and thereby able to target all ages and most languages spoken in the stations footprint.
Alexandra Broadcasting
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Musique Bien-Être 24/7. Webradio entièrement musicale offrant un mélange de l'univers Chillout, New Age, Ambient, Relaxing Music, idéale pour la détente, le bien-être ou tout simplement pour créer une atmosphère sereine et chaleureuse. Wellbeing Music 24/7. A completely musical webradio offering a mix of Chillout, New Age, Ambient and Relaxing Music, ideal for relaxation, well-being or simply to create a serene and warm atmosphere.
Radio Voice of Burma
1 like Music Rotation - [email protected] Radio Voice of Burma is broadcasting from Myanmar in Russian. The voice of Burma broadcasts programs that tell not only about Myanmar, but also about other Asian countries - China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, North and South Korea, Vietnam, Bhutan, Nepal and others. In our broadcast, you can learn everything about traveling through modern Myanmar, its culture, history, festivals and tourism. We regularly make photo reports of the nature and life of ordinary people in Myanmar and other countries of Asia. Editorial office USA and Canada +1 (800) 211-84-85 Call Center - Toll-free 24 h / s. Russia +7 (800) 350-97-90 Toll-free 7:00 / 23:00 Russia +7 (800) 505-4245 Call Center - Toll-free 24 h / s. Republic of Korea +82 (704) 732-67-77 - 24 h / s. Union of Myanmar +95 (969) 522-23-39 - 24 h / s. Kyrgyzstan +996 (312) 96-26-55 - 24 h / s. Kazakhstan +77 (27) 350-57-59 - 24 h / s.   Advertising phone in Russia 9:00 / 21:00 weekdays +7 (800) 350 42 40 Toll-free +7 (499) 347 42 40 Phone +7 (958) 200 42 40 SMS
Kan Lex
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Bonjour, bienvenue sur PlatineWeb, la webradio à votre service, 24h/24h, 7j/7j Au service des commerçants, gérants de lieux publics, agences évènementielles.