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Gender Roles and the Education Gender Gap in Turkey In Turkey, a large proportion of women in comparison with men never have never attended school. Significant gender differences can be seen in older age while attending the universities. This figure is lower than in the EU countries. Moreover, Turkey is one of the few countries where the gender gap exists even today. The traditional view of gender roles negatively affects the education of females. The negative impact appears on the level of primary education and is independent of the basic factors that a person is able to control. Turkey is an ossified country and its concepts and rules, such as views of a mother and her gender role, greatly affect the gap in education, which is described in the article “Gender Role and the Education Gender Gap in Turkey” by Asena Caner, Cahit Guven, Cagla Okten, and Seyhun Sakalli and it is described in deductive argument essay The article tells about the influence of views of mothers on sex roles and the education reform on the gender gap in Turkey. Moreover, scientists believe that gender role is defined in the childhood. The key points the authors outline show that sons have more preference and the role of women in the labor market depends on the perspective of parents. Additionally, the conservative views on education are the cause of gender roles prevalence. The authors also mention earlier investigations that outline the effects of education reform on gender gaps in education. The first study concerns the reforms that reduced the gap in education between the inhabitants of towns and villages. The second study shows the reduction of gaps in education by increasing the studying period for women. The methodology of the article consists of two parts and includes the conceptual and empirical frameworks. The conceptual framework includes three hypotheses about Turkish education system. The study tests the hypothesis that the female child has less education level than a male one. Moreover, it considers the impact of paternal views on education achievement of a child depending on its gender. In addition, the authors test the hypothesis of reducing the negative effects of traditional perspective by increasing the duration of education. The first analysis deals with the testing of the first two hypotheses, while the second analysis covers the third one. The data of the paper is taken from geographic and medical - sanitary researches in Turkey. Additionally, scientists chose 1998 and 2003 for their analysis. The respondents were asked questions about the distribution of power in different areas of life depending on gender, which helped to build two alternative views on gender roles. For the study, children of twelve and eighteen years were selected, who live in one building with their mothers. The results showed that some of the children dropped learning after primary school. However, some mothers consider that it is better to educate sons. To study the impact of changes in the education law, the authors tested children who completed primary school, were born between 1990 and 1983 and lived with their mothers. The results of the article show that mother’s opinion does not affect the likelihood of completion of primary school for boys. However, this points increases for the females. Thus, the results show that such attitude of parents shape the girls’ behavior. Consequently, for the female children with parents who adhere to the traditional view “the probability of completing compulsory schooling level is lower by 9.5 %”. Additionally, having a mother with traditional point of view does not impact the educational process for boys unlike for girls. Daughters are more likely to leave school. Consequently, those children in Turkey who have completed junior school and then refuse to continue education are affected by either sex or mother’s view. The dropout rates of the post-reform and pre-reform cohort are different and show that the first one is “lower by about 25–30 % points”. Furthermore, it is noted that the reform of compulsory schooling has not closed the gap between the children with parents of traditional and non-traditional views “the reform reduced the probability to drop out after primary school in both by 14.9 (33.5) % points”. The gender gap in terms of dropouts remains unchanged, since this percentage has decreased in both boys and girls. The difference in dropout rates declined in the post-reform period. Moreover, during the post-reform periods, the boys whose mothers have traditional views stay in schools for the same period as the other children. The probability of dropping out primary school is higher for girls in both cases when a mother has a traditional or nontraditional view on gender roles. The problem of impact of views on gender roles may be connected to the fact that in a conservative part of Turkey the parental role is very significant. Consequently, mothers’ views on gender role can be influenced by their husbands. It is confirmed by the fact that according to a survey, the answers of people who are questioned alone are different from the ones given in the presence of other family members. The authors make a conclusion that Turkey is one of the few countries where the gender gap in education still exists. Moreover, the authors conclude that the presence of traditional ideas about gender roles negatively affect the education of girls. The adverse impact of the traditional view on gender roles is seen on the primary school level and not depends on factors that people can control, including the order of birth, place of residence, type of accommodation, the size of the economy, ethnicity and wealth. The authors conclude that these results differ from the outcomes of previous studies, which show that different policies and factors do not prevent the completion of primary school. The authors believe that education reform would be more effective with certain additional policies. The article “Gender Roles and the Education Gender Gap in Turkey”, by Asena Caner, Cahit Guven, Cagla Okten, and Seyhun Sakalli seek to discuss how Turkey society suffers from education gender gap. The research problems being addressed are whether education reform can reduce a gender gap and the effect of mothers’ views on the gender role. The authors examine the problem in Turkey as the country provides an ideal opportunity for research due to the fact that it combines modernity and traditionalism, and gender gap still exists there. The authors clearly explain the purpose of research and analysis in the introduction stating that they started the study with an analysis of dropout school rates and the impact of maternal perspective on gender roles on the duration of education. Additionally, the authors use the relevant literature, which gives the examples of important researches. They also focus on earlier studies that showed different results compared to the given research, as they do not study the views and attitudes on gender roles. However, they pay attention to the impact of reform on the gender gap. The discussion of the problem is relevant, as it is important for policymakers to clearly understand the issue of increasing education gender gap and factors that cause such situation. Furthermore, the authors’ statements are clear as they pay attention to the history of the education system in Turkey, which makes it easier to understand the education question. Moreover, the authors confirm their statements with facts and figures, making the article substantiated. In discussing the problem, the authors are objective as they collect data and interrogate people and then analyze the results without regard to their personal experiences and feelings. The article describes the study in detail and explains its results.  
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