Comoradio International
on December 12, 2019
Dalle 21.30 riascolteremo lo special dei Queen targato Free Rock Revolution.
Potete ascoltarci su:, dall'app, dalla smart tv, da Alexa, da Google home, dalle Android car stereo, da Apple radio, da Apple tv e dalle Internet Radio di marca Pure e Auna.
Potete interagire con i conduttori tramite la chat ufficiale di Telegram di Comoradio International :
From 21.30 we will listen to the special of the Free Rock Revolution Queen.
You can listen to us on:, from the app, from the smart TV, from Alexa, from Google home, from Android car stereos, from Apple radio, from Apple TV and from the Pure and Auna branded Internet Radio.
You can interact with the hosts via Comoradio International's official Telegram chat:
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